Molon Hayrake/Tedder
CAEB Round Hay Baler

Buck-Rake (and Bucket)

Another Earth Tools-designed implement, as a result of popular demand! Buck-Rakes have been used for years on larger tractors in Europe (and some in this country) for gathering loose hay in a field. One United-Kingdom-based company (Tracmaster) produces them to fit walk-behind tractors…so we figured we could do it too, and we threw an extra twist into the design: Virtually INSTANT changeover from Buck-Rake to Scoop-Bucket, using the same frame assembly!

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Scoop-Bucket attachment

There is a handle that extends back over the tractor, and this serves 2 functions: it allows for instant “attack-angle” adjustments with a lever-operated release system, plus it has a “trip” mechanism for dumping the rake or bucket forward, which instantly re-latches when unit is lowered. Our Buck-Rake also features tines that are individually replaceable in just a few seconds.

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Rake "canted" forward (Bucket does same)

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Rake "canted" backward (Bucket does same)

If the mounting to the tractor uses a PTO quick-coupling, the “male” coupling can be oriented with either a “slot” or a “hole” for the locking-pin of the quick-coupling…this allows the rake/bucket to either have some rotational “float” OR be “rigid” with the body of the tractor.

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Bucket "tripped" for dumping (rake does same)

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Quick-change system with locking latches

We came up with a robust 3-point “quick-change” system with locking latches, which holds the bucket or buck-rake securely in place on the frame, and allows for easy changes in 30 to 60 seconds. All components of this system ship by motor-truck freight. Some assembly required.

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Buck-Rake in action --leaning a bit on top handle
helps keep tines firmly on ground.

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Less than one hour's work

Click here to view a video of this implement IN ACTION

Click here for a video of this implement showing changeover to Scoop-Bucket

Earth Tools “Bucket-or-Rake” system

  • Item ET BUCKET-OR-RAKE FRAME (fits BCS 739 - 948, Grillo G107 - G131) MSRP: $600 $475
  • (NOTE: Requires additional accessories to fit BCS 660, 750, 948 or Grillo G131)
  • Item ET BUCKET (fits above frame) MSRP: $400 $325
  • Item ET BUCK-RAKE (fits above frame) MSRP: $600 $475
  • Will require “blank” Male quick-coupling if tractor equipped with quick-coupling system (item numbers vary according to tractor type): $40 to $45
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNT: When purchasing as a “set” (frame, bucket AND buck-rake), total price is $1250 ($25 discount)