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BCS Model 770 walk-behind tractor

(shown with 30” tiller implement)

The model 770 is a brand-new BCS model for 2020, offering Hydrostatic drive for fully variable ground speeds from 0 to 4 mph. It is technically a “gear-over-hydro” transmission, because a 2-speed (high or low range) gear drive drives the hydro system, which then drives the wheels. The PTO is directly gear/shaft driven, for maximum power efficiency, and is independent of the hydro system – meaning that this is model has, in effect, a “live” PTO, where the tractor wheels can change speeds or even change direction WITHOUT interrupting PTO power to the implement. This makes this model a good choice for larger mowing applications, IF the amount of forward/reverse maneuvering needed in your terrain justifies the extra expense of the Hydro drive. This model uses the same implement selection as the 749 or 853. This machine also features BCS’s PowerSafe Hyrdo-mechanical “wet” clutch. Standard wheel size is 5x12x22” (other wheels available by request…we can discuss what would be best for your application).

(NOTE: The model number of this unit follows the European model number sequence, rather than the “Americanized” BCS model sequence which has existed in North America since 1995, which is why it seems a bit out of order).

Prices (tractor only…does not include any implement) :

  • 13hp Honda gas engine, Manual start, 5x12x22” wheels: MSRP: $6250 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $5937 CALL FOR POTENTIAL EXTRA DISCOUNT ON THIS MODEL!!

  • 13hp Honda gas engine, Electric & Manual start, 5x12x22” wheels: MSRP: $6675 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $6341 CALL FOR POTENTIAL EXTRA DISCOUNT ON THIS MODEL!!

  • NOTE: Deduct $90 from Promo sale prices above to switch to smaller (5x10x20”) wheels…these may be better for certain applications. Ask us for advice on what wheel size is best for your specific applications.


Engine Type/HP GX390 Honda gas (13hp / 8.7KW / 19.5 ft-lbs. of torque)
Starting System Recoil or Electric/recoil
Clutch PowerSafe Hyrdo-mechanical “wet” clutch (Click here)
Transmission All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath, WITH variable-speed Hydrostatic drive to wheel axle
(details here)
Standard, with differential lock
Steering Brakes Yes, with parking brake
Tilling speeds
(rear PTO)
Fwd: 0 - 4 mph  •   Rev: 0 - 4 mph
Mowing speeds
(front PTO)
Fwd: 0 - 4 mph   •   Rev: 0 - 4 mph
Wheel Size 5x12x22”, adjustable track width, tractor tread, tube type (Click here for wheel options and accessories)
Outside wheel track (standard wheels, w/o accessories) 28 inches
Safety Features Operator presence control (built into PowerSafe clutch system), Reverse Gear/PTO Lockout (to prevent tilling in reverse)
Handlebars Anti-vibrated, instantly adjustable up and down and side-to-side; also fully reversible to convert from front PTO to rear PTO mode. All controls on handles.
PTO Type Independent, 990 RPM at max engine speed
Method of
changing implements
Two 12mm threaded studs with nuts or optional Quick Hitch
Tractor Weight
(w/o implements)
350 lbs. (add 20 lbs. for electric start)

NOTE: Wheel sizes / styles on most new tractors can be changed, if desired, for the “cost difference” in the wheels…ask an Earth Tools salesperson for details.

NOTE FOR HIGH-ELEVATION USE: For folks using these machines at elevations of more than 5000 feet, we offer special carburetor jets for Honda brand engines to make the engines operate correctly at high elevations. Ask a salesperson…