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ACME ENGINE PARTS: Parts for Acme Motori

Most BCS Machines sold in America between 1975 and 1990 came with an Italian built ACME engine. (Exception: Many pre-1992 200 Series BCS machines [models 201, 203, 204 & 205] came with a BCS-brand gas engine, which is identified by the oil fill being on the same side of the engine as the carburetor and muffler. We have parts for these, too, but they are NOT Acme engines! They were actually built for BCS by the now-defunct Italian company Cotiemme.)

The ACME engine brand was purchased by Lombardini in 1997, and then Lombardini was purchased by Kohler in 2007. Kohler has technically discontinued the ACME brand name, but many ACME parts are still in production. (Unfortunately, some parts have been discontinued…some carburetor parts, for example.) We have been ACME distributors since 1980, and we are the last remaining ACME parts distributor in North America. We keep over $10,000 worth of ACME parts in stock.

There were many different models used as well as variations of models. Trying to order parts from a “parts list” can be very confusing, since ACME was not so good about putting out accurate parts lists for each model variation…so we don’t put parts lists online. If you take a few minutes to get the information on the following checklists and call us, we will look up the right parts based on the information you provide, and we’ll send you the right parts the first time or we will pay the return shipping.

We also have a large selection of USED ACME engine parts, available at half price (or less) of new parts.

Call to order: (502) 484-3988. If you are interested in USED parts, ask for Joel…he is the resident expert in North America on ACME engines (using and repairing them since 1980), and also the most familiar with the used parts inventory at Earth Tools. You can also make ACME parts requests to Joel by e-mail at [email protected] (due to e-mail volumes, and how busy Joel is in general [he is the owner of the company], it may be a day or two before you hear back)

Look over the below check-list and make notes about what your engine has in each “section” before calling us. Print out the list if necessary.


Section 1: MODEL

The Model Number Plate is riveted onto the fan shroud or cylinder shroud on the oil fill side of the engine. The following ACME gas models were used on BCS 2-wheel tractors:

  • A 220 (B)
  • AL 215, 290, 330 (W or B)
  • ALN 215, 290, 330 (W, B, or WB)
  • AT 330 (B)
  • VT88 (W)
  • VT94 (W)


  • Rope (the kind you wind up every time)
  • Recoiling Starter with Rope
  • Recoiling Starter with Cable
  • Electric Starter


  • Points & Condenser Ignition (if equipped, Points & condenser located in square box with a button on it directly below carburetor and muffler)
  • Solid State Electronic Ignition (Models A 220 & AT 330 came only with this)


  • Dry Paper Cartridge Type (with or without foam prefilter)
  • Oil Bath Type (has washable plastic filter element)

Section 5: FUEL TANK

  • Metal with Metal Cap
  • Metal with Plastic Cap
  • Plastic with Plastic Cap


  • Small (Horizontal) Canister Type
  • Large (Vertical) Canister Type
  • Large Rectangular Box Type (sits partially over top of air cleaner housing on ALN series engines equipped with this type)


  • With Metal Float Bowl and wing-nut style fuel drain bolt
  • With Black Plastic Float Bowl and spring-loaded fuel drain


Section 1: MODEL

  • ADN 37
  • ADN 37/2
  • ADX 300
  • ADX 370
  • ADN 43
  • ADN 48
  • ADN 54
  • ADN 60
  • ADX 740


  • Rope
  • Recoil
  • Hand Crank
  • Electric