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This page advertises limited-time specials from Earth Tools, as well as serving as a listing of used equipment our customers and ourselves have available. This bulletin board gets updated periodically, so check in occasionally to find a deal. Thank you for visiting and keep checking back!

Time to clean out the warehouse! We accumulate an assortment of used and “demo” equipment over time, and they need to find new homes. A 90 day parts and labor warranty is included unless otherwise stated. Here’s what we’ve got:

Grillo G85d “Demo” tractor with 10hp Yamaha engine– $2300

“Demoed” a few times to customers, but still sold with brand-new warranty. 2019-model-year Grillo G85d with Yamhaha MZ300 10hp recoil-start engine and 5x10x20” wheels. Current sale price on a brand-new one is $2515. Available for pickup at Earth Tools in KY, or ships via motor freight (buyer pays shipping charges).

Contact: Earth Tools: 502-484-3988 or [email protected] or [email protected]

BCS 735 with 8hp DIESEL engine and 30” tiller – $3000

This is roughly a 1989-model-year BCS 735 in very good condition, equipped with a Lombardini/Kohler 8hp diesel engine with manual and electric start. This tractor model features 5 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds when in the “rear-PTO” mode, and this translates to 2 working speeds when in the “front-PTO” mode. It also has independent steering brakes and lockable wheel differential. The tractor has been upgraded from the original splined PTO shaft to a Combo spline/“Flat” 3-tooth shaft. (NOTE: while this is stronger than the original PTO coupling, it is still not directly compatible with the “Tapered-3-tooth” PTO type without a PTO adapter, and there is NO quick-coupling system available for the 735, period.) The unit is equipped with 5x12x22” wheels. The 30” tiller with it has new oil seals & gaskets, and the tines are at least ¾ good. Available for pickup at Earth Tools in KY, or ships via motor freight (buyer pays shipping charges)

Contact: Earth Tools: 502-484-3988 or [email protected] or [email protected]

BCS 28” Snowblower – $575–SALE PENDING

This is a 28” wide, single-stage BCS-brand blower. It has the newer Tapered 3-tooth PTO input shaft, so it fits directly to the current BCS tractors. It can also fit the older BCS machines that have a “splined” PTO output coupling (602, 604, 605, 715, 725, 735, 737) with a PTO adapter (available from us as well). We do have a used PTO adapter available for $50 (they are $80 new). NOTE: the tractor shown in these pictures is NOT included, of course! Available for pickup at Earth Tools in KY, or ships via motor freight (buyer pays shipping charges)

Contact: Earth Tools: 502-484-3988 or [email protected] or [email protected]

20” Snowblower to fit BCS 200 series tractors – $350

This snowblower never saw much service, so it can work many years for a new owner! Includes the crank-rod to rotate the chute around. This ONLY fits the BCS models 203, 204 and 205…there is NO adapter to mount it to any other BCS model. Available for local pickup at Earth Tools in Owenton, KY, or will ship via parcel carrier with the chute removed (buyer pays shipping charges).

Contact: Earth Tools: 502-484-3988 or [email protected]

30” Sickle bar mower to fit BCS 200 series tractors – $300

This ONLY fits the BCS models 203, 204 and 205…there is NO adapter to mount it to any other BCS model. Available for local pickup at Earth Tools in Owenton, KY, or will ship disassembled via parcel carrier (buyer pays shipping charges).

Contact: Earth Tools: 502-484-3988 or [email protected]

22” Lawn mower to fit BCS 200 series tractors – $150

This was originally sold with a removable 1-bushel bagger, but the bagger is missing from this one (and a new bagger is over $300!!)…so we are just selling it as a side-discharge mower. This ONLY fits the BCS models 203, 204 and 205…there is NO adapter to mount it to any other BCS model. Available for local pickup at Earth Tools in Owenton, KY, or will ship disassembled via parcel carrier (buyer pays shipping charges).

Contact: Earth Tools: 502-484-3988 or [email protected]

We are advertising the following items for consignment sale; please note we do not offer any warranty on consignment units, since they are not “ours” (scroll down to see all listings):

BCS 853, Flail Mower, Plow, Tiller (OH) – $7250

Lightly used BCS 853, with 13 HP Honda electric start, 5x12 tires. Bought with very few hours, and put on about 100 hours since then. Tractor has debris screen, barbell weight adapters and an hour meter. The flail mower has seen the most use but is still in great shape. Baffle included. The rotary plow has seen very little use. Includes baffle and leg protector (not installed). Tiller also has minimal use.

  • Tractor $4,000
  • Flail mower $1,650
  • Rotary plow $1,050
  • Tiller $550

Local pickup near Rio Grande, OH. Seller will deliver/meet you up to 150 miles away. Per mile fee after 150 miles, or shipping can be arranged thru Earth Tools. (buyer pays for any shipping costs).

Contact: Reuben Housser 740-208-8307 or [email protected]

Berta 34” Flail Mower (NC) – $1750

2017 model Berta flail mower. This will fit larger BCS tractors (749 and up). Comes with integrated quick coupling. Available for local pickup or will ship via freight - buyer pays shipping.

Contact: Frank Hayward 336-597-1609 or [email protected]

BCS 853, Tiller, Mulch Layer (WI) – $6500

BCS 853 electric start tractor, like new condition - used less than 20 hours. Has quick couplings. Comes with new battery, 30” R2 power harrow, and 3 foot plastic mulch layer. Also includes partially used roll of plastic mulch and axle extensions.

Available for local pickup in Eu Claire WI, or buyer arranges shipping.

Contact: Kristina Beuning at 715-379-7284 or [email protected]

R2 Rinaldi 36” Power Harrow (CO) – $2000

Like new 36” R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow in excellent condition. Compatible with the BCS 750 walk-behind tractor (includes quick hitch to fit 750). Can also be outfitted to run on Grillo G131 if purchasing correct PTO flange/shaft. This harrow was purchased new in 2014 and used briefly a few times (less than 1 hour of use); since that time is has been stored with care.

Available for pickup in Paonia, Colorado or can be shipped via truck freight (buyer will be asked to pay for shipping charges).

Contact: Kristin Just at (970)275-2838 or [email protected]

Berta Single Rotary Plow for BCS (OH) – $1100

Purchased new from Earth Tools in 2018 – used one season to plow up some field blocks, and has sat idle since then. Lightly used / like new. Fits BCS walk-behind tractors with current 3-jaw PTO shaft and quick-coupling. Located in Southwest Ohio. Available for local pickup – or ships by parcel carrier, buyer pays shipping.

Contact: Matt Brown at (937) 581-1489 or [email protected]

Little-Used BCS 732 with 30” tiller, Rotary Plow & Hiller/Furrower (AL) – $4250 OBO

This is a 2017 model BCS 732 tractor, built back when the 732 still had the 11hp (GX340) Honda engine & 5x10x20” wheels. It is equipped with manual start and has quick-couplings for the implements (Hiller/Furrower accessory not pictured, but included). Available for local pickup in Auburn AL, or will ship via Motor freight (buyer pays shipping charges).

Contact: Corey at 334-209-1926 or [email protected]

Like-New ACME A220 6.5 hp engine to fit BCS or Mainline (KY) – $400

This engine came off a BCS 715, and is virtually brand-new. Has the European shart “tapered” crankshaft, so it is a direct fit on older BCS and SEP/Mainline machines equipped with this crankshaft type. Wrap-around bumper is SOLID STEEL and is included in price. This is a great buy for someone who is restoring an older machine and wants an “original” engine. The A220 model Acme still has all carb parts and new carbs available, as well as virtually all parts on the engine. Available for local pickup at Earth Tools in Owenton, KY, or will ship via parcel carrier (buyer pays shipping charges).

Contact: Earth Tools: 502-484-3988 or [email protected]

Grillo G107D and Implements (MS) - $5000

Grillo G107D with Honda 11hp engine. 5x12 foam filled tires. All implements have quick couplings. Purchased new from ET in 2015. Implements included:

  • 22” Tiller
  • Berta Rotary Plow
  • Zanon 33” Heavy Duty lawn mower

Available for pickup in Florence MS, or buyer pays for shipping via motor freight (shipping can be arranged through Earth Tools).

Contact: Andy Cleveland at 601-927-3581 or [email protected]

BCS 605, CAEB Baler, and Implements (OH) - $12,000

BCS 605 tractor with replacement 13HP Briggs & Stratton engine, 3 working speeds forward, 3 reverse, plus “transport” gear in front-PTO mode. Tractor has flat three jaw/splined combo PTO shaft. Comes with female quick hitch and each implement listed has mating male quick hitch coupling. Tractor gearbox oil was replaced with synthetic gear lube in spring 2019. Engine oil was also changed to synthetic in spring 2019.

Will sell tractor alone for $2500 or together with any of the following:

  • 26” Tiller, little wear on tines, comes with hiller/furrower - $400.00
  • 59” Duplex Sickle Bar Mower - double action, very little vibration - $1200.00
  • 40” Lawn mower - three blades, mows great, new belts and HD blades last year - $800.00
  • Non-pto “blank” male coupling to attach to a pusher blade or something with caster wheels - $40.00
  • CAEB Baler with quick hitch for tapered 3-jaw pto. Works well and comes with dual wheels and gathering wheels - $7250.00

$12,000.00 for all. Local pickup preferred (Swanton, OH) or buyer pays for shipping via motor freight (shipping can be arranged through Earth Tools).

Contact: Andy at 734-807-0888 or [email protected]

BCS 749 Diesel, Implements (MD) - $11499

This BCS 749 has the 11HP Kohler diesel. Low hours, well cared for. Comes with the following equipment:

  • Berta Single Rotary Plow

  • 30” R2 Rinaldi Harrow (never used)

  • 30” BCS Tiller

  • 4’ Plastic Mulch Layer

  • 34” Berta Flail Mower

  • 28” Bellon Brush Mower

  • Aldo Biagioli Bed Shaper with Disk Hiller

All being sold as one lot. Local pickup in Linthicum, Maryland.

Contact: Frank Schwartz 443-691-6796 or [email protected]

BCS 737, Mower, Sickle Bar Mower, Sulky, Tiller, Snowblower (MI) - $3200

BCS 737 with 10HP Acme engine, and the following implements:

  • 26” tiller
  • 40” BCS finish mower
  • 28” BCS Snowblower
  • BCS Mowing Sulky
  • 44” Single action sickle bar mower, grease (dry) type gearbox

This tractor has the older “splined” PTO; however, the Snowblower has the newer taper-3-tooth PTO, and is equipped with a PTO adapter to make it fit. This same adapter can be used to attach other “newer” implements if desired. All items in working order, but tiller will need new tines soon (available from Earth Tools).

Offering local pickup only. Located in Hudsonville MI.

Contact: Dawn Cooper 616-318-6124 or [email protected]

28” BCS Snow Blower, 59” BCS Cutter Bar (ME)

Single stage 28” BCS snowblower with quick coupling. Used for a few seasons with light use. Always stored inside. Asking $700.

Double-action 58” BCS cutter bar with quick coupling. Used for a few seasons to mow a few acres. Always stored inside. In good condition with minor surface rust due to lack of use. Comes with brand new (never been used) back-up cutter bar. Asking $1800.

Located in Arundel, Maine, local pickup or buyer pays freight through Earth Tools.

Contact: Mike Nadeau (207) 423-2348 or [email protected]

BCS Mini-Trencher (CA) - $750

This is one of the original BCS Mini-Trenchers, mfd. around 2000. Used less than 2 hours, in great condition. Fits current BCS machines with 8hp or greater and taper-3-jaw PTO (will fit older spline-PTO shaft BCS machines and Grillo machines with a PTO adapter.) Local pick up in Yreka, CA 96097 or can break down and ship disassembled via UPS / FedEx ground (buyer pays shipping charges)

Contact: Peter Jereb, 530-238-7533 (call or text)

BCS / Clovis 32” Power Harrow - $2000 (LA)

“Gently” used for 2 years, this 32” power harrow is available for purchase. Fits BCS tractors with 12hp or greater; engine-weights recommended for proper counter-balance. This harrow comes with an “integrated” male quick-coupling to fit current (taper-3-tooth) BCS PTO. Available for local pickup in the New Orleans area, OR, seller will ship via motor freight (buyer pays shipping charges)

Contact: Cheryl at 914-475-7055 or [email protected]

BCS 26” tiller, 38” mower, Mowing sulky (NY) - Prices below

  • BCS 26 inch tiller $450
  • BCS 38 inch Lawn mower w/ grass catcher $1800
  • BCS Mowing sulky $450

Purchased late winter 2016 and used lightly two seasons, stored indoors. Everything is clean and in excellent condition except for the seat on the sulky – support post need to be welded. All manuals included. Seller can provide original invoices, answer questions and provide additional photos. Located in Watertown NY – will ship anywhere. (Price does not include shipping)

Contact: Tom Dowling at [email protected]

#### **Berta Rotary Plow & Aldo Biagioli 5-shank ET-5 Cultivator (PA) - $900** This Berta single Rotary Plow only has about 20 hours on it. Still has the original set of plow cutting tips on it; the new set of replacement cutting tips & mounting hardware that comes with every new plow is still with it, as are all the safety guards, transport/gauge wheel and the manual. The plow is set up to attach to current BCS walk-behind tractors (taper-3-tooth PTO type) 10hp & up with quick-coupling system and with 5x10x20" wheels or larger.
Also for sale is an Aldo BIagioli ET-5 5-shank cultivator complete with tool carrier & drawbar; fits BCS with current quick-coupling. (Both implements can be converted to fit older BCS machines or Grillo machines if desired...contact Earth Tools for details.) **Local Pick up only in Murraysville, PA.** Asking $800 for rotary plow, $200 for cultivator...**OR, $900 for both.** **Contact:** Byron Carnahan, 412-798-4931 or 724-516-4561 or [email protected]

BCS Mowing Sulky (KY) - $325

BCS sulky, older but in great condition. All parts included for installation. Fits BCS walk-behind tractors with differential drive & steering brakes. Seat has chipping paint and has been repainted. Tires are good and hold air. Local pick up in Taylorsville, KY 40071 or can break down and ship disassembled via UPS / FedEx ground (buyer pays shipping charges)

Contact: John Van Lentin, 502-751-6669 or [email protected]

Del Morino / BCS 26” Brush Mower (WV) - $700

2009 model Del Morino / BCS 26” Brush mower in good condition. Blades are not worn more than 10% (see lower picture). Only used for 2 years; has been in garage since. Fits BCS walk-behind tractors with 9hp & greater and minimum wheel size of 5x10x20”. (pictured with “male” Quick-coupling mounted, but this is not included in price shown) Local pick up in Salem, WV, or can ship via Motor freight (buyer pays shipping charges).

Contact: Mike Whelchel at [email protected]

BCS 712 with 18” tiller - $1000 (SC)

BCS Model 712-GX5 walk-behind tractor and 18” tiller, in operating condition. This is a machine that was typically sold in to “Rental” use, due to it’s very basic transmission design (only one forward and one reverse speed, no differential or brakes. VERY SIMPLE.) Has a GX160 (5hp) Honda engine on it. It would be good for a small home garden. Has limited versatility for other implements, but it can run a small sickle bar, small chipper-shredder, and a few other items. Available for local pickup in Chesnee, SC, or can be shipped by motor freight (buyer pays freight charges).

Contact: Jeremy Thiry, 864-473-8075 or [email protected]


This is not typically something we post on our Bulletin Board, but we’re helping out a friend & customer by advertising this position for him…see below:

Gramegna Spader for 4-wheel Tractor (AR) - $2500

Used 2005 Gramegna model V84/25B-104 spading machine to fit a 4-wheel tractor with a PTO and 3-point hitch. This will not fit a walk-behind tractor, but some of you have larger tractors that this will fit. Good condition, garage kept.

Contact: Andy Whitcomb, 405-377-3539 or [email protected]

5x10x20” FOAM-FILLED Adjustable-rim Wheels and Tires to fit BCS or Grillo (WA) - $300

(no photo)

These are only a couple months old…purchased new from us in April of 2016. The owner wants to upgrade to the next size larger wheel, so he is selling the standard wheels. They have already been filled with solid rubber foam, so they are flat-proof, and have extra weight for extra traction. New set of wheels like this (with foam-filling) is $405. Located in Selah, WA. Available for local pickup, or will ship by UPS.

Contact: Joel Hansen @ 509-910-8937 or [email protected]

SEP/Mainline 28” Snow Blower (OH) - $375

This 28” snowblower has hardly been used at all. Fits SEP / Mainline “Mountaineer” models –requires clockwise tractor PTO direction (looking at tractor PTO) when tractor is in Front-PTO mode. (This should be the 1500 Mountaineer [rather than the 1300], but as we are not an SEP dealer, I would rather not claim it for sure…any interested parties can just look at their tractor PTO rotation for verification.) At this time, we do NOT have adapters available to adapt this snowblower to any other tractor. Unit is located in Elyria, OH.

Contact: Tom Bowen (440) 387-8733 or [email protected]


This fellow has an old Mainline (produced by SEP of Italy) Ladybug machine, and is looking for a machine to buy for a “parts” tractor, being that parts are getting hard to come by on the SEP units. The most important thing would be the actual rototiller implement, as his tractor does not have one (he has a mower only) SO: if someone out there has an old Ladybug (or 2+2, which is about the same) unit with a blown engine, this fellow might take it off your hands.

Contact: Ben Hoyt, 603-443-0379

We will gladly list any European walk behind equipment (BCS, Grillo, Mainline, SEP, etc.) on this Bulletin Board for you! This Bulletin Board has made HUNDREDS of sales for folks over the years. Average time from initial listing to sale is usually less than 2 months, depending on time of year. Our listing fees are much cheaper than Ebay, and here, you are exposed to viewers who KNOW the value of (and are looking specifically for) walk-behind tractor equipment!

Just email Joel at [email protected] OR Chris at [email protected] with the following information:

  • What you are selling (make, model, year [if you know the year], engine type [if applicable])
  • The price you want each item listed for
  • Whether you are willing to ship the goods – or not (Buyer typically pays shipping charges)
  • Pictures (Max. 2 pics per item listed, please. Pics should be 1mb or less in size)
  • The contact info you want us to list for you

LISTING PRICES: Effective Dec 1st 2018, our Bulletin Board listing fees are as follows (NOTE: A listing can contain more than one item, and each item can be priced separately if desired. Fees are based on the TOTAL value of the listing):

  • $25 for listings with a total price of $0 to $1000.
  • $37 for listings with a total price of $1001 to $2000.
  • $50 for listings with a total price of $2001 to $3000.
  • $65 for listings with a total price of $3001 to $4000.
  • $80 for listings with a total price of $4001 to $5000.
  • $95 for listings with a total price of $5001 to $6000.
  • $110 for listings with a total price of $6001 to $7500.
  • $125 for listings with a total price of $7501 and up.

You can call us with a credit/debit card for payment, or mail a check. Once payment is made, the listing will be posted on our Bulletin Board. (No refunds if goods do not sell, but upon request, we will do a no-charge renewal of the listing for up to an additional year.)

We will leave the listing up for one year OR until your equipment sells, whichever comes first. We will put your contact info in the listing; interested parties can contact you directly to get more info, make offers, etc. and the buyer makes the purchase directly from you. This way, you get maximum dollar out of your equipment. After your equipment sells, please contact Joel at [email protected] or Chris at [email protected] or call us at 502-484-3988, so we can take down the listing.

SHIPPING: If you sell something large that needs to be shipped via “truck freight”, we can arrange the goods to be shipped using our freight account. This way, you “tap into” our huge shipping discount, helping to keep a long-distance sale from being too costly for the buyer. Goods can be picked up from your location (most of the time). We charge $50 per shipment for this service in addition to the actual freight cost. Payment by VISA, Mastercard, or Discover card is accepted. (Shipping charges are usually paid for by the BUYER of the goods, unless you negotiate something different.)
Here is a video showing basic requirements of shipping by truck freight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OscBys7TE8

Sellers or buyers are welcome to email [email protected] or call 502-484-3988 for truck freight quotes.


Here is a list of Trade Shows we plan on displaying at in the upcoming Winter season:

CFSA (Carolina Farm Stewardship Assn.) Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Nov 1 - 3 2019, Durham, NC. Details: https://www.carolinafarmstewards.org/sac/

SSAWG (Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) Annual Conference and Trade show, Jan 23 - 25, 2020, Little Rock, AR. Details: https://www.ssawg.org/conference

OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association) Annual Conference and Trade show, Feb. 13 - 15, 2020; Dayton, OH. Details: http://www.oeffa.org/

OAK (Organic Association of Kentucky) Annual conference & Trade Show, March 6 & 7, 2020; Louisville KY. Details: https://www.oak-ky.org/conference

Indiana Small Farms Conference, March 5 - 7 2020, Danville, IN. Details: https://www.purdue.edu/dffs/smallfarms/

Thanks! Hope to see you there! – Earth Tools, 502-484-3988