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Replacement Parts

We carry a complete supply of replacement parts for all the Walk-behind tractors and implements we sell. Below are two “help guides” for some of the most common wear parts:

For other tractor, implement, or engine parts, please CALL US.


When calling, it is best if you know your Tractor Model Number, but unfortunately most of the model numbers are hard to find on any BCS machine produced before 2004, because before 2004, BCS did NOT stamp the tractor model number into the transmission case; instead the model number was on a decal located either on the handlebars, or, if it is an old enough model, on the plastic engine “hood” (Acme engines only).

What you WILL find stamped into the transmission cases of pre-1995 BCS machines are serial numbers (which always have a star at each end) and a transmission “casting code”, which many people assume is a model number (see photos below). On 600, 700, 800 and 900 series BCS machines, these numbers are located on the upper curved side of the gearbox / transmission casing, near the engine (upper “right” side of case, if standing on the PTO end of the tractor)

Transmission casting code

The “casting codes” changed over time, as BCS updated their castings, but here is a list of some of the common “casting codes” and the BCS model numbers they correspond to:

  • BCS7126 = Model 715 (oldest age range)
  • BCS7154 = Model 715 (middle age range)
  • BCS7169 = Model 715 (newest age range)
  • BCS7433 = Model 725 OR 735 (oldest age range) - 735 has brakes, 725 does not
  • BCS7454 = Model 725 OR 735 (middle age range) - 735 has brakes, 725 does not
  • BCS7554 = Model 725 OR 735 (newest age range) - 735 has brakes, 725 does not

BCS machines manufactured after 1995 will likely NOT have a “casting” code stamped into them, but they WILL have a serial number (and if manufactured after 2004, they should have the model number stamped in as well)

If you are uncertain of what BCS model you have, click on the following link for a complete model chart: BCS Model Chart Matching up all the features and attributes of your tractor on this chart (engine size/type, number of speeds, differential or no differential, PTO shaft type, etc.) will help you (or us) determine your model.