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Tiller tines

There are 4 different tine styles that BCS sold as ‘standard’ tines at various points in time, and we want to be sure we send you the correct ones for your tractor.

CLICK HERE: Identify YOUR tiller tines

When ordering, please provide the answers to the below 5 questions:

  1. Tractor Model Number. (optional, may save time)
  2. Total Number of tines.
  3. Depth adjustment. Is there a depth adjustment bar that comes through the top of the tiller hood?
  4. Rear Flap. Is the rear flap of your tiller mounted to hinges with cotter pins or does it hang on two hooks?
  5. Bolt pattern. Does your tiller have:
    • 4 bolts per set of 4 tines (tines overlap or “criss-cross” each other where they bolt on)
    • 8 bolts per set of 4 tines (tines do not overlap each other where they bolt on).

The above information will enable us to send you the correct tines for your machine. For reference and comparison, below are the prices of the various sizes and types.

(NOTE: “Rental” tines are wider and thicker, and typically result in longer service life. However, because they are thicker, the performance in clay soils is not as good … imagine trying to cut something with a thin knife versus a thicker one: The thinner one cuts easier and with less energy used. We typically only recommend Rental tines for applications with highly abrasive soils [sandy soils, etc.] where the service life of the standard tines is just too short to be practical.)

Size Number of tines w/ bolts & nuts w/o bolts & nuts
18” std. or ‘wide’ 12 $70 $62
20” BCS std. or ‘wide’ / 22” Grillo 16 $86 $78
20” rental (BCS) 16 $145 $135
22” Grillo (Hard Faced) 16 $129 $117
26” BCS std. or ‘wide’ / 27” Grillo 20 $105 $95
27” Grillo (Hard Faced) 20 $158 $143
26” rental (BCS) 20 $180 $165
30” BCS std. or ‘wide’ / 31” Grillo 24 $135 $125
31” Grillo (Hard Faced) 24 $195 $185
30” rental (BCS) 24 $223 $206
32” Grillo G131 20 $185 $160
33/34” BCS 20 $235 $185

If you have a Mainline machine manufactured by SEP (model 1300, 1500, Ladybug, Plainsman, Mountaineer, 2+2, Bizzy Buddy, Etc.) we can usually cross-reference tines for your machine as well. Call with information on questions 1, 2 and 5 above AND a measurement of the center-to-center bolt-hole spacing on your old tines, and we will figure it out and give you a price.