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NOTE: Due to COVID-19, several of our office staff are working from home. We will likely need to call you back. Please leave a short message with the office, and we will get you in touch with someone as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience during this time!

Our Walk-Behind Tractors, Implements and most Tractor/Implement Accessories are too application-sensitive for us to feel comfortable with folks ordering online…we want to talk to you about your applications before you order, to make sure you get the products you will be most satisfied with. So, to ask questions about or to order these items, please CALL US! 502-484-3988 (NOTE: If all 4 of our phone lines are tied up, you should go into our Voicemail…PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE! We WILL get back to you, even if it takes a couple days!! IF THE VOICEMAIL DOES NOT ACTIVATE, PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL AT [email protected]) You can also send us a FAX at 502-237-1026.

For TECHNICAL SERVICE issues on any of the products we offer, feel free to call us at 502-484-3988 or you can e-mail us at [email protected].

For SPARE PARTS orders / inquiries, feel free to call us at 502-484-3988 or you can e-mail us at [email protected].

For ACME ENGINE Technical service OR parts, call 502-484-3988 and ask for JOEL, or e-mail Joel at [email protected] (Joel is the owner of the company, and since he is usually very busy, it might be a day or two before you get a reply. However, Joel has been around ACME engines since 1977, so he is pretty much the ACME go-to guy.)

Business hours:

March 15 through October 31: Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM Eastern Standard Time. Weekend hours BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, if available.

November 1 through March 14: Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST. Weekend hours BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, if available.

Holiday business closures for 2021 are:

Closed: Martin Luther King day, Memorial Day (May 31st), Independence Day (Observed July 5th in 2021), Labor Day (Sept 6th), and Nov. 25th & 26th for Thanksgiving.

Annual Winter vacation: Closing December 24th, re-opening January 3rd, 2022.


All tractors and attachments on our website or on our price lists are shown at suggested retail price, and then at our Earth Tools “sale” price. Our sale prices are good year round…BUT, there may also be seasonal discounts in effect on BCS brand goods that discount the prices further…make sure to check our Specials page for info on this. All Prices are subject to change without notice, if our suppliers change the prices to us or in cases of exchange rate fluctuations. “Special order” items have approximate prices.

NOTE #1: All Sale and Promotional prices shown on this website apply to purchasers within the continental USA. For purchasers outside the continental USA, please contact us for a price quote.

NOTE #2: All Sale and Promotional prices shown on this website for Grillo brand equipment or Grillo-compatible implements or accessories apply to purchasers more than 50 miles from an active Grillo dealer. Click here for Grillo dealer “finder”. For purchasers within 50 miles of an active Grillo dealer, please contact that dealer for prices.

Note#3: All prices shown on this website or on our invoices are in U.S. Dollars.


Accepted forms of payment from customers in the USA: Cash, Check, Money Order, Direct Bank Transfer / ACH, or Visa, Mastercard & Discover credit/debit cards. (NOTE: For direct bank / ACH payments, MINIMUM amount is $250)

Accepted forms of payment from customers in Canada: Direct Bank Transfer or Visa, Mastercard & Discover credit/debit cards. (NOTE: For direct bank / ACH payments, MINIMUM amount is $250) PLEASE NO “U.S. BANK DRAFTS”the small home-town bank we deal with has to send these out to a larger bank for collection, and this will delay your order several weeks, and also result in extra processing fees.

Accepted forms of payment from customers OUTSIDE the USA / Canada: Direct Bank Transfer only for Wholegoods (tractors / implements); also, will accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit/debit cards for Spare Parts and Accessories. (NOTE: For direct bank / ACH payments, MINIMUM amount is $250) PLEASE NO “U.S. BANK DRAFTS”the small home-town bank we deal with has to send these out to a larger bank for collection, and this will delay your order several weeks, and also result in extra processing fees.

Terms on all orders are Full Payment in Advance, although Government agencies and Universities can apply for 30 day terms. ALL ORDERS ARE CONSIDERED “CONFIRMED” AND WILL ENTER OUR SHIPPING QUEUE BASED ON DATE OF FULL PAYMENT (except in cases where the customer has 30-day terms with us, as described above) “Down payments” will reserve equipment for you, but will not necessarily put your order into the “queue” for shipment.

All prices shown on this website or on our invoices are in U.S. Dollars.

REFUNDS: In the case that we have to issue a refund to a customer, our policy is as follows: * For all refunds LESS THAN $500, refund will be made by the same method as the original payment. * For all refunds OVER $500, refund will be by company check or direct bank transfer. (Amounts over $500 will NOT be refunded to a credit / debit card.)


Due to “remote sales tax collection” laws, we are now required to collect & remit tax in many States, unless you have a valid sales tax exemption certificate of some type. –The most common purchasers of our goods are farmers, and most farmers qualify for an Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption so that they do not have to pay sales tax on tools and equipment they purchase for Farm use (the equipment MUST be used in direct production of agricultural goods for resale…Farming just to produce your own food does not qualify for an agricultural exemption!)
Here is a complete list of sales-tax-exempt customer types (in MOST States…we have found that Washington State does not give tax exemptions for almost anybody!!):

  • Farmers who are using goods purchased from us in Direct agricultural production of crops for resale
  • Governmental organizations
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Indian Tribes
  • most Schools
  • most Churches
  • Retail Dealers who will be reselling the products

CLICK HERE FOR A LINK to a multi-state Sales Tax Exemption form…if you qualify for one of the sales tax exemption types listed above, feel free to print this form & fill it out, noting the type of exemption you are claiming (make sure to sign & date it at bottom!). When complete, scan & email it (or fax it, or even regular-mail it!) to us. Once received, we will attach it to your account in our system, and all your future purchases from us will be sales-tax-exempt.
The email to send to is [email protected] (or fax # 502-237-1026)


If you have visited the BCS America website, you may have seen that they advertise a financing option through TD Bank, N.A. called the Yard Card program. They also mention that this particular program is designed only for customers physically present at a BCS dealer’s store…meaning that we can only offer this option to you if you visit our store to pick up your BCS goods. THIS FINANCING IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON BCS-BRAND PRODUCTS. If you would be purchasing other brands of implements (Berta, R2 Rinaldi, Caravaggi, etc) those would not qualify for financing.

For interested/applicable persons, Yard Card offers the following programs:

  1. Deferred Interest if Paid in Full within 12 Months (Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date IF the purchase balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period. The current APR for purchases is 28.99%. Minimum purchase requirement of $499. Read full disclosure here)

  2. 3.99% APR for 60 Monthly Payments (Minimum purchase requirement of $1,500. There is a promotional fee of $125 for this transaction. Offer subject to credit approval. Read full disclosure here.)

Again: these Yard Card programs do NOT apply for customers who do not physically visit our store, and ONLY BCS-brand products can be purchased with Yard Card.

Also: It is worth noting that since this equipment DOES qualify as “farm equipment”, most Farm Credit agencies will make loans on this type of equipment…so if the Yard Card program does not work for you, check with a Farm Credit agency or your local bank about a loan.

Ask us about discounts for payments made by Cash, Check or Direct bank transfer.


SHIPPED to locations in the USA:

Merchandise orders under 120 lbs. typically go UPS or USPS (if you have a preference, please tell us…otherwise, we will choose the least-cost method); orders over 120 lbs. typically go Truck Freight. Unless requested otherwise, shipping charges are prepaid by us and added to invoice total. On USPS/UPS orders, a handling fee is applied to each order (and will be included in the “shipping and handling” line item on the invoice) ranging from $3 to $10, depending on how time-consuming / expensive it is to package the goods properly (boxes and packing material cost money!).

CLICK HERE for shipping to Canada

CLICK HERE for Shipments to other locations OUTSIDE of the USA

PLEASE NOTE that for orders shipped by parcel carrier (US Postal Service [USPS] or UPS): If the goods are lost or delayed while in transit, we cannot file a “loss” claim until 30 days [for USPS] or 15 days [for UPS] have elapsed since the ship date…and then it may take up to 2 weeks to receive “approval” for the claim. If you want a duplicate order sent out BEFORE these time periods have elapsed, you can purchase the items again, and then we will credit your account for the full amount of the “replacement” order when the claim is approved.

On Truck Freight orders, call us for a rate quote to your door (or to the nearest freight terminal, if you are in a location that cannot be accessed by semi-trucks) Our truck freight rates are discounted 70% [or more] because of our volume discounts…we ship a lot of stuff!! All truck freight orders are shipped via 18-wheeler (semi truck), and although the shipping companies we use have agreed to very low “Residential delivery” and “Lift-gate” charges (in most areas), you still have to be able to get a semi-truck to your location safely to receive the shipment. PLEASE NOTE THAT EVEN IF A SEMI-TRUCK CAN GET TO THE END OF YOUR DRIVEWAY, IT IS LIKELY THAT THEY WILL NOT COME INTO YOUR DRIVEWAY…The trucks are usually much too large to be able to get into a residential driveway, and likely could not turn around, even if they could get in. (We’ve had customers say “Oh, yeah, they can turn around in that field!”…well, if a semi gets “stuck” on your property, guess who gets the tow-truck bill!) So they will typically unload the pallets at the end of your driveway, and using the “New Tractor Setup” videos we have linked to our website, you’ll be able to get the tractor running in a few minutes and drive it back to your house. However, if you live in a location where a semi-truck just cannot get, there are a few options:

  1. You can arrange to meet the delivery truck somewhere (a local business parking lot, the side of a road with a wide shoulder, a neighbor’s farm who has a large lot, etc.) and off-load the goods onto your truck, trailer, van, etc….the lift-gate on the delivery truck will lower the pallets down to the correct height.
  2. You can pick the goods up at the nearest freight terminal operated by the shipping company (we can tell you the location based on your ZIP/Postal code).
  3. There is also an option of having the goods delivered on a “straight-truck” (20 or 24 foot van truck)…but this can add $250 to the shipping charge, so usually one of the above options is best.

PLEASE NOTE: If residential/lift-gate service is quoted, the trucking company is only responsible for getting the goods off the truck and down to the ground… additional charges may apply if you want the driver to move it to a location other than “right off the back of the truck”.

When we ship your goods, we will send you an e-mail with the shipment tracking number, the name of the shipping company, and, if it shipped by truck freight, how many pieces and pallets the shipment consisted of. (If you are expecting a shipment from us, CHECK YOUR JUNK / SPAM FOLDER for our shipping notification e-mail!! Sometimes they end up there…)

FOR MOTOR FREIGHT SHIPMENTS: When you receive your shipment, if there is any evidence of shipping damage OR a shortage, MAKE SURE to note it with the driver, and sign the delivery receipt as “received in damaged condition” or “short 1 piece”, etc. We go out of our way to package the goods in ways to minimize the chances of damage, but accidents happen sometime in transit. The point is: If you sign for the goods “complete, in good condition”, and then discover missing or damaged items later, it is virtually impossible to get the shipping company to do anything about it, because there is no way to prove that the shortage/damage occurred while it was in the shipping company’s possession. If you suspect damage/shortage to a truck-freight shipment, you MUST sign for it as “damaged” or “short” at the time of delivery. It is also a very good idea to snap a picture of the potentially damaged pallet … while the driver is still there. We take pictures of all outgoing pallet shipments, so in the case of damage/shortage, we have a “before & after” record.

FOR ALL OTHER (Non-Motor-freight) SHIPMENTS: Shortages, incorrect items, damaged goods, etc. MUST be reported to us within 7 days of when the goods arrive to you, or within 30 days of when the goods leave here, whichever comes first. Otherwise, neither we nor the shipping company can be held liable.

NOTE: For Motor Freight orders where the PURCHASER arranges the shipping through their own freight account, we reserve the right to add a MINIMUM of a $20 “handling fee” to the order.


We are now offering a “regional” delivery service for tractor & implement orders within a 400-road-mile radius of our location in Owenton KY. Earth Tools’ owner’s Father-in-law (Charles) will be doing the deliveries. Charges for this service will be a bit more than for shipping by truck freight (call for a quote to your specific location), but delivery will be with a pickup truck (and trailer, if needed) that can get to most any location–unlike a semi-truck. Also, scheduling of the delivery will be more flexible, to better meet your needs. Another “perk” of this service is that Charlie can show you basic operation of the tractor. Minimum merchandise order for this service: $6500. Call for a delivery quote!


We would love to have you out to our shop to pick up your order if you want to make the trip! We spend an average of a couple hours with each customer who picks up their equipment here, familiarizing the new owner with the machine while we ‘play’ in the dirt or in the field (weather permitting!). Be sure to call well in advance if you plan on picking your equipment up…it takes awhile to set up & prep the equipment the properly, and we want to have it ready when you get here.

NOTE: During our “peak season” (Feb 1 to June 30), pickups are available for WEDNESDAYS 10am to 5pm, (and possibly Saturdays from 10am to 1pm, if Joel’s schedule allows)…again, call well in advance to get scheduled in.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are implementing “curbside delivery”. All customers must remain outside the building. Please maintain 6 ft distance from all Earth Tools staff. Thank you!


In the event that an item / items need to be returned to Earth Tools, please contact us first to obtain return authorization. If the reason for return is because of an error on the part of Earth Tools (such as: we shipped the wrong item), Earth Tools will pay return shipping costs, and give full credit for the returned merchandise. If the reason for the return is because the item was ordered incorrectly by the customer, the customer shall pay shipping costs to send the item back, and the merchandise shall be subject to a 10% restocking fee. RETURN REQUESTS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF WHEN THE GOODS LEAVE HERE (special cases may apply…call to discuss if needed). Also see our Guarantee below.


15 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so sure you will love your new walk-behind tractor and /or implements that we are willing to offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee on the equipment we represent!

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your walk-behind tractor / implement purchase within 15 days from the date of delivery, you may return whatever product you are dissatisfied with for a full refund of the purchase price of that product, and we will pay the return freight. (Original freight charge not refundable) For Garden Tools: Only tools in NEW condition may be returned for full credit.
  • Upon inspection of returned merchandise, if we find non-warrantable parts (such as tiller tines, mower blades, etc.) broken or damaged, or any parts missing, those parts will be deducted from the amount refunded to the buyer. Refunds will be in the form of a company check, which will be issued after the merchandise is received and inspected by us.