Walk-behind Tractors

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Learn more about walk-behind tractors. This page covers the general features with helpful diagrams, and warranty info.

BCS Brand Walk-Behind Tractors

Of the 30 or so companies manufacturing 2-wheel tractors in Europe, BCS is by far the largest. Founded in 1942 near Milan, Italy, BCS sells their equipment in 80 countries and has over 500 dealers in North America.

Grillo Brand Walk-Behind Tractors

Grillo, from Cesena, Italy, has also been manufacturing walk-behind tractors for over 60 years. Grillo and BCS have worked together in the past, but they currently operate as competitors… Earth Tools has chosen to represent both the BCS and Grillo brand walk-behind tractors, in order to give our customers a more complete tractor selection.

CLICK HERE for a list of Grillo dealers in the USA and Canada; simply type in your ZIP / Postal code, and it will tell you your nearest dealers.

BCS vs Grillo Brand Comparison


Video: The Walk-Behind Tractor Philosophy (sponsored by BCS)