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With the purchase of any size R2 Rinaldi Power harrow, we are now offering your choice of one of our top-notch forged-steel Broadforks at a 20% discount (essentially, at our cost). BCS America also offers a broadfork FREE with the purchase of one of their BCS-branded "Clovis" chain-driven power harrows...but please be advised that the fork BCS offers is much too lightly constructed to hold up in clay/heavy soils. Since our forged-steel broadforks and gear-driven R2 Rinaldi harrows are much higher quality, they cost us more, and we cannot afford to give a fork away with each harrow. But we can offer this discount, selling our forks "at cost" with an R2 harrow purchase. NOTE: This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts on the harrow or broadfork

The addition of a broadfork (or any of the other hand tools we offer) will add virtually nothing to the price of shipping a tractor or implement that has to travel by motor-freight, so it's a great time to stock up on top-quality hand tools!


Until Dec. 31, 2020, BCS and Earth Tools are offering an extra discount on BCS tractor models and select BCS-Branded implements (The discounted price is already shown for each qualifying tractor / implement on our Walk-behind Tractor and Implement pages as the “Seasonal Promo Price”). The discount is 10%, 7.5%, or 5% off of MSRP, depending on the item. NOTE: EXTRA DISCOUNTS MAY APPLY TO OTHER BCS TRACTOR MODELS AS WELL...ASK AN EARTH TOOLS SALESPERSON FOR DETAILS!!


  • If TWO or more PTO-driven implements are purchased with tractor, Models 732, 739, 749, 770, 852 or 853 will receive a FREE Quick-coupling "Female" component for Tractor, and BCS-brand PTO-driven Implements that are purchased at the same time as tractor will receive a Free "Male" component. (If tractor is purchased with only one PTO-driven implement, no "free" quick-coupling components are provided. You can still purchase quick-couplings if you want, though!)

  • If more than TWO PTO-driven implements are purchased with tractor Models 660 and 750, customer will receive a FREE quick-coupling “implement” component (female) for each of two BCS-brand, PTO-driven implements purchased at time of tractor purchase. ("Male" component of quick coupling built into tractor)

Non-BCS Brand PTO implements [such as the Berta rotary plow, R2 Rinaldi power harrows, Berta flail mower, etc] or non-PTO-drive implements [such as dozer blades, toolbar cultivators, root digger, etc.] do not qualify for the FREE quick hitch promotion. However, some non-BCS-brand implements can be supplied with built-in "male" quick hitches at little or no cost (to fit all but BCS 750) ... ask us for details! (If built-in quick hitches are NOT available for the particular implement you want, you can simply purchase the quick hitch 'male' component to attach to that implement, so this handy coupling system can be utilized.)

  • Grillo Model G110 receives a FREE Quick-coupling component for Tractor ("Female" component) with tractor purchase. Quick-coupling components for implements ("male" coupling) can be purchased as needed, and some implements are available with built-in male couplings to fit G110 at no extra charge. (ask an Earth Tools salesperson)


We offer extra discounts on most of our walk-behind tractors and implements when purchased by a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) organization. To be eligible to receive the discount, the organization will need to provide us TWO THINGS: 1. The tax I.D. number of the organization, and 2. A copy of the 501(c)(3) "acceptance letter" that was sent to them by the IRS when they became a non-profit. NOTE: WHEN EQUIPMENT IS PURCHASED AT THE "NON-PROFIT DISCOUNT" PRICES, THE "FREE QUICK-COUPLING" PROGRAMS ABOVE DO NOT APPLY FOR BCS-BRAND TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS (however, quick-couplings can be included under the Non-profit Discount to reduce their cost). Also, the Broadfork discount above does not apply, if a power harrow is purchased using the non-profit discount. Call for more details or to get a quote.