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Water Transfer Pump

High Pressure Water Pump

Produced by Rovatti of Italy and imported through BCS America, this high-pressure cast-iron pump has a self-priming feature, which is unique for a high-pressure pump of this size. It also includes 25 feet of 2” suction hose and 50 feet of 2” discharge hose and a foot-valve & strainer. It puts out a maximum of 145 GPM and 85 PSI, and the total head is 26 feet of suction + about 190 feet of lift = 220 total feet of head.

Since this is a close-tolerance high-pressure pump, this is considered a “clean-water” pump, so it will not handle rocks of any size. Therefore, if you are pulling water out of a creek or pond, your foot-valve should have a good filter/screen on it as well (some folks just improvise an adequate filter by folding / wrapping a section of metal window screen around the foot valve, and then securing it to the suction hose with a hose clamp — anything that will pass through a window screen will not hurt the pump)

NOTE: Being that this is a close-tolerance pump with a cast-iron housing and cast-iron impeller, it is important that during long periods of storage (over the winter, for example), the pump needs to have the water drained out, and some “Pump Protector” oil put in it to keep the impeller from rusting to the housing.

  • Fits BCS tractors 8hp and up
  • Fits Grillo tractors with a PTO adapter (Additional accessory required to fit Grillo G131)
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