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Water Transfer Pump

High Pressure Water Pump

Produced by Rovatti of Italy and imported through BCS America, this high-pressure cast-iron pump has a self-priming feature, which is unique for a high-pressure pump of this size. It also includes 25 feet of 2” suction hose and 50 feet of 2” discharge hose and a foot-valve & strainer. It puts out a maximum of 145 GPM and 85 PSI, and the total head is 26 feet of suction + about 190 feet of lift = 220 total feet of head.

Since this is a close-tolerance high-pressure pump, this is considered a “clean-water” pump, so it will not handle rocks of any size. Therefore, if you are pulling water out of a creek or pond, your foot-valve should have a good filter/screen on it as well (some folks just improvise an adequate filter by folding / wrapping a section of metal window screen around the foot valve, and then securing it to the suction hose with a hose clamp — anything that will pass through a window screen will not hurt the pump)

  • Fits BCS tractors 8hp and up
  • Fits Grillo tractors with a PTO adapter (Additional accessory required to fit Grillo G131)
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