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High Pressure Water Pump

Manufactured by Cadoppi of Italy, this high-performance cast-iron centrifugal pump is designed for applications where high delivery pressure and/or high head are required. This unit has 2” inlet & outlet ports, will develop pressures up to 75 PSI, and delivers up to 198 GPM. Has a total head of 220 feet (total suction lift is 25 feet, and it will push water as much as 195 feet above the pump, so 220 feet of head total). Excellent for high-pressure irrigation systems such as sprinklers, etc.

As is typical of a high-pressure centrifugal pump, this unit is NOT “self-priming”…the pump must be primed with each use. We supply a combination foot-valve/strainer to be installed at the base of your suction hose…Priming becomes much easier with this installed, as it is a one-way valve that keeps the water from running back out of the hose every time the pump is shut off.

Pump housing is cast iron, impeller is precision-machined brass. Has a built-in cast iron gearbox which increases tractor PTO speed to the proper speed for the pump. If less volume or pressure is needed for a particular application, you can always run your engine slower…being a “high-pressure” precision-type centrifugal pump, once it picks up the prime and is pumping, you can slow the pump speed down to an engine idle speed, if desired, without it losing the prime.

Since it is a precision pump, this is considered a “clean-water” pump, so it will NOT handle rocks of any size, so your foot-valve should have a good filter/screen on it as well (some folks just improvise a adequate filter by folding / wrapping a section of window screen around the foot valve, and then securing it to the suction hose with a hose clamp—anything that will pass through a window screen will not hurt the pump)

  • Fits Grillo tractors 8hp and up
  • Requires PTO adapter to fit BCS tractors, Additional accessory required to fit BCS 660 or 750
  • MSRP: $999 $879