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Driven-wheel Utility Trailers

ERREPPI Brand Driven-wheel utility trailer (Fits Grillo G131 tractors ONLY!) This system converts the Grillo model G131 walk-behind tractor into a 4-wheel drive off-road hauler capable of going almost anywhere and carrying almost a ton of payload. PTO drive to trailer runs off an optional “synchronized PTO” unit that bolts to the top of the tractor transmission (DEALER INSTALLED ONLY!) which meshes with the main wheel drive gear, giving the tractor a second PTO shaft which the speed and direction of is synchronized with the drive wheels of the tractor. With this thing, load size and terrain type hardly matter. With an oscillating swivel-joint built into the frame, all 4 wheels stay on the ground regardless of how uneven the terrain, for maximum traction. The only down-side is that because there is a PTO shaft running through the center, the articulated steering will only go so far (the limit of a universal joint), meaning it is not as maneuverable as some of the other transport options. Still, it has a turning radius as good or better than a full-sized pickup truck.

Standard Version Stocked at Earth Tools: As pictured: Manual dump to rear; Steering is via tractor handlebars; all controls still mounted to handlebar; Manual brakes with foot pedal and Hand (parking) brake as well. Bed measures 55” x 71” x 12” deep (27 cubic feet filled level). All sides are removable to make flat bed if desired, and sides have “pockets” to accept “extensions” to make taller sides (these extensions are available factory-made, or you can make your own with some strap-steel and wood). Has tie-down points on corners. Requires tractor be equipped with Synchronized PTO unit (see implement price list). Rated Carrying capacity: 1600 lbs. (however, I know from experience that this is conservative…) Approximate install or removal time to take trailer on or off tractor: 10 minutes.

Click here for Mounting Driven-wheel trailer to Grillo G131 tractor video

Click here Grillo and Driven-wheel trailer in action video (this is old footage showing a Grillo G107 tractor, but the trailer is the same as the one used for G131)

If these trailers are shipped by motor freight, they are shipped DISASSEMBLED due to the size. (assembled, they are simply too big to be handled by typical freight delivery services.) Allow a couple hours to assemble after you receive it. Also, we have to build a heavy-duty custom pallet for them, and an additional crating charge of $250 will apply. If picked up at our facility, Driven-wheel trailers will be fully assembled at NO additional charge. (but make sure you come with a good-sized trailer to haul it on!)

Erreppi Driven-Wheel Utility Trailer to fit Grillo G131

  • Synchronized PTO kit required on G131 tractor
  • Item RTS-120-131 MSRP: $3999 $3700
  • (If shipped, $250 Crating Charge will apply, over & above freight charges)
  • Synchronized PTO kit required for G131 (Item 9B5712) MSRP: $399 $350
  • Optional Load Protection grill for front of bed (Extends 28” above bed…provides “roll” protection too!) $250