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F. Spedo PTO-Powered Potato Digger

Don’t get too excited about this implement…the only reason we’re listing it on our website is because BCS America decided to start offering it, and so, as a BCS dealer, we’re obliged to include it in our offering.

We actually imported and sold a couple of these PTO-powered diggers several years ago, and frankly, the reviews were not great. For it to work at all, the potato beds have to be raised beds of EXACTLY the right size for this digger, and also the soil needs to be virtually “perfect”…if you have clay, and / or if it’s too wet or too dry, you may be out of luck. (If BCS America had just asked us, we’d have told them not to bother with this thing…)

The fact that there is a “shaking” action which is supposed to help break the soil up and sift the dirt out of the potatoes is actually a 2-edged sword…because on a walk-behind tractor, the implement is rigidly attached to the tractor (unlike a 4-wheel tractor, where the 3-point hitch linkage provides some “buffer”), and the “shaking” of the implement therefore shakes the whole walk-behind tractor… making the tractor lose traction as it’s trying to pull this thing through the soil.

The manufacturer of this implement (the F. Spedo company of Italy) originally designed it as a 3-point-hitch mount unit for a 4-wheel tractor, and then they later adapted it to use on a walk-behind tractor. The problem with this concept is that a walk-behind tractor has only a FRACTION of the traction (hey, that rhymes!) of a 4-wheel tractor…so while this implement may be very effective when attached to a 4-wheel tractor, it leaves much to be desired when used behind a walk-behind tractor.

We find that our Aldo Biagioli “manual” pull-type Potato / Root crop plow is more effective in a wider variety of soil conditions and bed styles / shapes…ESPECIALLY since it’s about one-tenth the price!!

BCS claims it fits their models 739 and up, but we would not even attempt to use it on anything smaller than a 749 / 853. Minimum 5 x 12 x 22” tractor wheel size. REQUIRES wheel weights on tractor.

Powered Potato Digger

  • Requires wheel weights on tractor
  • Minimum recommended tractor wheel size 5x12x22”
  • MSRP: $2795 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $2655
  • Special Order – We do not stock this item, as we do not really recommend it.