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Precision Vegetable Seeder
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Wizard Multi-row Ultra-Precision Vacuum Seeder for Vegetables

The Italian-made Wizard brand Vacuum-seeders are virtually 100% accurate, and will handle ANY seed size when equipped with the appropriate seed plate. For those looking for the ULTIMATE in precision seeding: Look no further.

The engineer who started this company used to work for “Mater-Macc®”, which is an Italian company widely recognized for high-accuracy vacuum seeders for large 4-wheel tractors. This fellow decided to offer the same technology to smaller-scale growers by offering more affordable units to fit smaller 4-wheel tractors and walk-behind tractors. Even better: He made improvements to the old “Mater-Macc®” design, allowing for easier changing of seed plates and chain sprocket ratios.

The seed-singulation mechanism employs a rotating stainless-steel disc (easily changeable according to seed size desired) that has vacuum applied to one side to “suck” the seeds into the holes in the plate, guaranteeing that only one seed at a time is picked up. The vacuum is then cut off when the plate rotates enough that the seed is over the “drop” tube, and the seed falls down through the adjustable-depth “shoe” to be planted. Seed spacing is controlled by both hole spacing in the plates, and easily-changeable sprockets on the chain-drive. The potential seed-spacing range is HUGE… three-quarters of an inch at the least, and up to 44 inches at the greatest…and just about anywhere in-between. The seed hoppers can also be removed quickly for dumping out excess seed at the end of a planting.

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Wizard “Compact” seeder unit with PTO mount/vacuum pump -
designed specifically for walk-behind tractors

Wizard actually offers about 40 different seed-discs for different seed types / spacings. BUT, we did the calculations and found that when taking into account drive-sprocket adjustments and seed size-vs.-average spacing, you can plant a wide variety of seeds and achieve a good range of spacings with relatively few discs. (It helps that with a vacuum-seeder, the seed sizes do not have to be matched perfectly to the hole size in the discs for good seed singulation, like they do on most seeders…the vacuum just sucks the seed up against the holes, so as long as the hole is SMALLER than the seed so the seed doesn’t get sucked through [and the hole is big enough to allow sufficient airflow to pick up the weight of the seed], it WORKS.) Seeders are priced without any seed discs; you choose which ones you want based on your applications. (Discs priced below.)

The operator can either walk in-between rows (as shown in these pictures) or offset tractor handlebars to one side and walk next to the seeders…whichever is more practical for your bed / seeder configuration.

On multi-row setups, row spacing is quickly adjustable on the mounting bar by loosening the clamps and sliding the seeder units on the bar frame; minimum single-row spacing is 10 inches. PLUS, there are “splitter” kits available to convert each seeder-unit to 2 or 3 closely-spaced rows for denser plantings (see below).

The Wizard seeders have been very popular with HEMP growers, due to the importance of seed placement when dealing with EXPENSIVE seeds AND the fact that the Wizard units can have custom seeding discs produced to plant a seed every 8 feet if desired. As a Hemp seeder, they are unbeatable!

To best serve the varying needs of our customers, we now offer the Wizard Vacuum Seeders “A La Carte”…meaning you build your own seeder depending on the components you need… See below price chart for details. Also, systems are “expandable” (for example, if you purchase a 1-row unit and want to convert it to a 2-row later, you can purchase the needed parts to do this) or “shrinkable” (for example, if you purchased a 3-row setup but want to remove 2 of the seeder-units to just plant one row, you can quickly take them off the frame).

These seeders are expensive, but the time and money they can save you in SEED and LABOR savings (Not wasting seed OR having to “thin” crops) make them worth considering for established vegetable farms.

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Wizard "Standard" 2-wheel seeder units with PTO mount/vacuum pump -
for use with 3-point-hitch mounting

NOTE: We can special-order Wizard seeders to fit 3-point-hitch (for 4-wheel tractors), OR as self-propelled, dedicated seeders…Call for pricing and lead time on these seeder types!

Click here for a short (very basic) factory-produced video

Standard Features of all Wizard seeders to fit Walk-Behind Tractors:

  • 3 Liter seed hopper
  • “Kit” for small seeds
  • Closing / drive wheel
  • Adjustable shoe-type opener
  • Row marker

PRICE CHART for Walk-Behind Tractor mounted seeders:

  • FIRST COMPONENT: Walk-Behind Tractor Hookup with Vacuum Pump (includes row marker)–designed to fit BCS Bolt-On PTO mount, requires quick-coupling implement-side component if tractor is equipped with quick-coupling system (also requires PTO adapter to fit Grillo walking tractors): Item WIZ WB VAC PUMP: MSRP: 1159 $980

  • SECOND COMPONENT: Tool Bar Frame (to mount seeders to)CHOOSE WIDTH:

  • WIZ WB-TB-12: 12” long (suitable for ONE seeder); MSRP: 40 $33

  • WIZ WB-TB-28: 28” long; MSRP: 45 $38

  • WIZ WB-TB-39: 39” long; MSRP: 54 $48

  • WIZ WB-TB-48: 48” long; MSRP: 67 $58

  • THIRD COMPONENT: Wizard Vacuum-operated single-row planting unit (“Compact” 1-wheel version to fit walk-behind tractors): Item WIZ WB-SEEDER: MSRP: 1550 $1320

  • NOTE #1: MINIMUM distance between rows is 10”, so keep this in mind when figuring out how many planting units to put on a particular frame width. Also keep in mind that you need a little “extra” frame width beyond the actual row-to-row width, for example: The maximum row-spacing possible on a 39” bar is about 28”.

  • NOTE #2: Priced WITHOUT seed discs (see below for disc types & prices)

  • FOURTH COMPONENT: Vacuum Hose to hook up pump to Planting unit: Sold by the inch (typically takes about 30” per planting-unit on a walk-behind-tractor-mounted seeder) Item WIZ VAC-HOSE: MSRP: $0.40 $0.35 per inch

Example order: 1 - PTO / Pump unit ($980) + 1 - 39” frame ($48) + 2 planting units ($1320 each = $2640) + 72” of hose ($25.20) = total $3693.20 (plus seed discs)

These seeders are expensive, but the time and money they can save you in SEED and LABOR savings (Not wasting seed OR having to “thin” crops) make them worth considering for established vegetable farms.

Seed Discs (priced “each”)

CLICK HERE for a seed size/disc chart NOTE: Spacing distances shown on chart in RH column are in CENTIMETERS…here is a list of figures converted to INCHES:

  • 4-hole discs: Seed spacing 14” to 44” depending on sprocket ratio
  • 18-hole discs: Seed spacing 3” to 10” depending on sprocket ratio
  • 36-hole discs: Seed spacing 1.5” to 5” depending on sprocket ratio
  • 72-hole discs: Seed spacing 0.75” to 2.5” depending on sprocket ratio

  • WIZ 00410: Seed Disc with 4 - 1.0mm diameter holes $45 $40
  • WIZ 00415: Seed Disc with 4 - 1.5mm diameter holes $45 $40
  • WIZ 00420: Seed Disc with 4 - 2.0mm diameter holes $45 $40
  • WIZ 00430: Seed Disc with 4 - 3.0mm diameter holes $45 $40
  • WIZ 00435: Seed Disc with 4 - 3.5mm diameter holes $45 $40
  • WIZ 00445: Seed Disc with 4 - 4.5mm diameter holes $45 $40
  • WIZ 00455: Seed Disc with 4 - 5.5mm diameter holes $45 $40
  • WIZ 01806: Seed Disc with 18 - 0.6mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 01808: Seed Disc with 18 - 0.8mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 01810: Seed Disc with 18 - 1.0mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 01815: Seed Disc with 18 - 1.5mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 01820: Seed Disc with 18 - 2.0mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 01825: Seed Disc with 18 - 2.5mm diameter holes $45 $50
  • WIZ 01830: Seed Disc with 18 - 3.0mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 01835: Seed Disc with 18 - 3.5mm diameter holes $45 $50
  • WIZ 01845: Seed Disc with 18 - 4.5mm diameter holes $45 $50
  • WIZ 01855: Seed Disc with 18 - 5.5mm diameter holes $45 $50
  • WIZ 03606: Seed Disc with 36 - 0.6mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 03608: Seed Disc with 36 - 0.8mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 03610: Seed Disc with 36 - 1.0mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 03615: Seed Disc with 36 - 1.5mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 03620: Seed Disc with 36 - 2.0mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 03625: Seed Disc with 36 - 2.5mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 03630: Seed Disc with 36 - 3.0mm diameter holes $57 $50*
  • WIZ 03645: Seed Disc with 36 - 4.5mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 07206: Seed Disc with 72 - 0.6mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 07208: Seed Disc with 72 - 0.8mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 07210: Seed Disc with 72 - 1.0mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 07215: Seed Disc with 72 - 1.5mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 07220: Seed Disc with 72 - 2.0mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 07225: Seed Disc with 72 - 2.5mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • WIZ 07245: Seed Disc with 72 - 4.5mm diameter holes $57 $50
  • NOTE: More seed disc options are available by request (such as discs with reduced numbers of holes for LONG spacings…i.e. Hemp, pumpkins, etc.)…the ones listed above are the sizes we typically stock.

  • NOTE: The above seed discs will fit most MaterMacc seeders as well.

Other Accessories:

  • Item WIZ CLEAN-OUT: Seed “Clean-Out Kit”…essentially a vacuum cleaner and catchment system that runs off the vacuum pump already present on the machine, for cleaning seeds completely out of the hopper when switching to a different seed type. $115 105

  • Item WIZ DISC-OPENER: “Disc Opener it” For soils with a lot of fibrous organic matter present that might plug up the standard shoe-type row openers. 1 kit needed per seeder row-unit. NOTE: This accessory does NOT make this seeder work as a “no-till drill”!! $229 200

  • Item WIZ CLOD-REMOVER: “Clod Remover Kit” Removes larger soil clods from the path of the seeder. 1 kit needed per seeder row-unit. $35 32

  • Item WIZ SEED-COVER: “Seed Covering Kit” If the soil texture is such that the convex rear wheel is not pushing enough soil back in the effectively cover the seeds (because of high amounts of fibrous matter in the soil, etc), this accessory pushes more soil back in to cover the seeds. 1 kit needed per seeder row-unit. $99 89**

“Splitter” Kits for dense plantings (Priced “each”…that is, one required for each row-unit)

NOTE: When using “splitter” kits, DIFFERENT seed-discs must be used, because the discs need an additional set of holes for each row. Prices are higher than for single-row discs above (prices range from $70 to $100 per disc). Also, the splitter kits will not handle LARGE seeds…the largest disc hole-size available for “splitter” kits are 1.8mm holes. (Contact an Earth Tools salesperson for details)

  • WIZ SPLITTER-2: 2-row kit (splits one row-unit into 2 rows 3.5” apart) (Installed by customer): 450 $400
  • WIZ SPLITTER-3: 3-row kit (splits one row-unit into 3 rows 1.75” apart) (Installed by customer: $490 $450
  • When using Splitter kits, seeder must be equipped with “Flat” closing wheel on rear:
  • WIZ FLAT-CLOS Flat “closing” wheel kit (required for above “splitter” kits): $130 $115