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Wheel Hoes (scroll down for wheel hoe attachments, seeders and accessories)

We are now pleased to offer American-made professional grade wheel hoes built in Georgia. These units feature Amish crafted red oak handles made in Ohio, steel wheel/s measuring 15” in diameter (that never go flat or dry-rot), and an easy system of changing tools on the frame. The handles are adjustable in angle / height to accommodate different peoples’ heights. Supplied standard with cultivator chisels; several other accessories available as well.

Wheel hoes available in 1-wheel or 2-wheel configurations, and with Standard handles (pictures on hoes) or Pistol-grip handles (inset–MOST POPULAR)

  • Handle Length: 54”
  • Overall Length: 74”
  • Handle Width: 21 “
  • Wheel Diameter: 15”
  • Coverage Width: 2” to 13” (Adjustable / depending on accessories)
  • Weight: 14 lbs. single wheel / 18 lbs. double wheel

Single Wheel version with 3 cultivator chisels

  • Pistol grip (MOST POPULAR): WH SWH65PG: $199.00
  • “Steam-bent” grip: WH SWH65: $199.00

Double Wheel version with 4 cultivator chisels

  • Pistol grip (MOST POPULAR): WH LDW406PG: $240.00
  • “Steam-bent” grip: WH LDW406: $240.00

Why are Pistol-Grip handles more popular??

The “steam-bent” handles that many wheel hoes were originally equipped with were not designed for this tool specifically…they are actually handles made for horse-drawn plows, and were just used because they already existed on the market and were readily available from Amish manufacturers. With a horse-drawn plow, YOU are not PUSHING the plow…you are just guiding it. With a wheel hoe, you ARE pushing it, and the steam-bent handles can quickly give you blisters, since the curvature of the handles will easily allow your hands to “slide” up the handles if you relax your grip at all. On the other hand (no pun intended), the “Pistol-Grip” handles put the load of pushing right in your palms, and you hardly have to squeeze tightly at all. The only complaint we have ever gotten about the pistol-grip handles is that for folks with very small hands, the grip may be a bit large. Well, no problem…these are wooden handles, and with a coping saw and 5 minutes of work, you can “customize” the pistol-grips perfectly to your hand size.

Wheel Hoe Accessories

Hilling Plow Set

These little angled “plows” can be attached in multiple configurations, allowing you to make furrows, close furrows, or hill/ridge crops.

Left-hand AND Right-hand Hilling Plow set: WH HN5HM5: $55.00

The most popular weeding tools for wheel hoes. 3 widths. We do stock replacement blades as well.

Stirrup hoe: 6”: WH HOH6: $28.00

Stirrup hoe: 8”: WH HOH8: $33.00

Stirrup hoe: 12”: WH HOH12: $38.00

“Spreader bar” to mount 2 - 6” Stirrup hoes to Double wheel hoe, or you can get 3 spreader bars and use them to “gang up” 3 of the seeder attachments to a wheel hoe: WH HSB14: $19.00

This is actually the most versatile weeding tool, as you can configure the sweeps several different ways.

Set of Weeding Sweeps (1 RH, 1 LH): WH SP301: $47.00

Set of 3 “winged” weeding sweeps–4” wide: WH HWS232: $65.00

Set of 3 Replacement Cultivator Chisels: WH C506: $19.00

Has a total of 6 - 5.375” diameter zinc-plated disks, which can be instantly adjusted at varying angles or inverted completely to push soil “in” or “out” as they work. A great tool for light weed control, or gently breaking up a bed surface that has crusted over. Also great for working in cover crop seeds.

Disk Harrow set: WH HDD288: $75.00

Dibble Wheel Kits

Pokes precisely-spaced planting holes into soft soil, for planting veggie starts or seeds. Comes with 12 1.5” wide x 2.75” long Aluminum dibbles, which can be mounted to the 15” wheel with 4” hole spacing, so final spacings can be 4”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 24”, or 48”. Single-row dibble kit pictured, but we also have 2 and 3 row setups. Max row spacing on 2-row kit: 15”, max row spacing on 3-row: 7.5”. Fits all Hoss wheel hoes.

  • HDW927 Dibble wheel kit (single): $169.00
  • HDW927-2 Dibble wheel kit (double): $295.00
  • HDW927-3 Dibble wheel kit (triple): $395.00

Kit to add second “front” wheel (turns HOSS single-wheel hoe into Double-wheel hoe): WH LDW406C: $65.00

Single-row Seeder for Hoss Wheel Hoes Includes 6 seed plates, seed size ranges from Carrots to Corn. Additional plates available below. FOR BEST RESULTS, MUST BE USED AT RELATIVELY SLOW SPEED (1 - 2 MPH WALK). MOVING TOO FAST WITH THIS SEEDER WILL RESULT IN JAMMING / BREAKING OF SEED.

WH HS4 Seeder: $190.00

Row Marker for Above seeder: Can flip to either side; adjustable in 1” increments from 5.5” to 17.5” from original row.

Row Marker for Hoss wheel hoe seeder: WH HS4-RM1: $38.00

Hoss Deluxe Dedicated Garden Seeder with Disk Openers and 2 large wheels. The disc openers handle fibrous organic material better without clogging, and the 2 large wheels handle a wider variety of soil conditions. Adjustable-height handles. Includes 6 seed plates, seed size ranges from Carrots to Corn. Additional plates available below. FOR BEST RESULTS, MUST BE USED AT RELATIVELY SLOW SPEED (1 - 2 MPH WALK). MOVING TOO FAST WITH THIS SEEDER WILL RESULT IN JAMMING / BREAKING OF SEED.

WH HGS051: $340.00

Row Marker for Hoss Seeder This accessory automatically marks the next planting row, ensuring straight planting lines. Flip to the opposite side after every seeding pass. Marks in 3” increments up to 34” from original row. Fits Deluxe Dedicated Garden Seeder ONLY (not for wheel hoe seeder attachment).

Row marker: WH HGS031: $38.00

Extra Seed Plates

  • HT WH 1007 – radish, leek, asparagus, spinach (6 holes, 3/32” thick) $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1008 – cucumber, watermelon (2 holes, 3/32” thick) $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1009 – butterbeans, lima beans (2 holes, 3/16” thick) $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1010 – squash, pumpkin (1 hole, 3/16” thick) $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 3000 - Kit including all 4 of the above plates $23.00
  • HT WH 1090 “Blank” plate, 3/32” thick $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1188 “Blank” plate, 3/16” thick $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1250 “Blank” plate, ¼” thick $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1024 Metal “Template” for drilling properly-spaced holes in blank seed plates: MSRP: $16 $14.00
  • NOTE: Seed spacing is determined by dividing 19” by the number of holes in the plate