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Caravaggi BIO-90 Brush Chipper

Caravaggi Straw Chopper / Blower

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Caravaggi Straw Chopper / Blower on
BCS 749 walk-behind tractor

For Farmers - Horse Owners - Landscapers - Homeowners

For many years, we have gotten requests for a “Straw Chopper / blower” to fit walk-behind tractors…Well, here it is! Built by the Caravaggi company of Italy, this tough machine utilizes the PTO power of a walk-behind tractor to chop straw bales (or loose hay / straw) and blow it out either one OR two discharge ports. Great for producing your own: Animal Bedding –Small animal feed – Mulch – Erosion control!

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Laying down shredded straw for mulch

This implement enables folks to apply shredded straw or hay mulch directly to pathways or garden beds when used with the tractor MOVING (see photo on left), OR, with the tractor stationary, chopped material can either be discharged into fixed location (wheelbarrow, etc) OR a flexible discharge hose can be attached to allow you to blow the shredded material around, for example: blown on a piece of ground you have just worked and seeded with grass, and want some shredded straw in place to keep it from eroding while the grass germinates. (Flexible hose NOT included–but the openings are standard 6”)

Using flexible hose (not included)
to blow shredded straw

This machine offers 3 distinct advantages over “dedicated” straw-chopper / blowers on the market:

  • 1. This straw chopper / blower is SELF-PROPELLED! You don’t have to put it on a trailer or drag it manually to move it around your property!
  • 2. This straw chopper / blower DOESN’T need its own engine (a maintenance/fuel storage headache), it utilizes the engine already on your walk-behind tractor!
  • 3. Most Dedicated straw chopper / blowers on the market using the same size engine cost OVER $5000! So this unit has a MAJOR price advantage.


  • Shredding speed: up to 40 bales per hour (approx. 200 cu. ft. per hour)
  • Accepts standard 2-string straw bales, hay bales or alfalfa bales
  • Will also accept loose hay / straw / alfalfa (output speed may be less)
  • All shaft / Gear drive
  • 2 blades + 24 sharpened “hammers” pulverize straw or hay
  • TWO discharge ports…one on each side. Comes with a metal cover to cap one port off if desired.
  • Includes two 4-foot sections of plastic 6” pipe and 4 plastic elbows
  • Has 10” diameter, 3” wide solid-rubber caster wheels for moving on rough ground
  • Output control lever allows incremental adjustment from “high velocity/low volume” to “low velocity/high volume” settings
  • Comes standard with medium-size discharge “screen” (chops straw about 1” long) – 5 Optional screens available to vary chopped straw length shorter or longer
  • Requires MINIMUM of 13hp gas (or 11hp diesel) engine on walk-behind tractor
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Output Control Lever

Click Here for a video showing features of the straw chopper/blower

Click Here for a video of the chopper/blower in action

Caravaggi Straw Chopper / Blower

  • Item CAR-STRAW-B: Fits BCS 660, 749, 750, 852 & 853, also fits Grillo G131 with PTO adapters (Requires additional accessory to fit BCS 660 and 750): MSRP: $3249 $2900
  • Item CAR-STRAW-G: Fits Grillo G110: MSRP: $3249 $2900