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Sprayer Rigs

Pressure Washer

We now offer 3600 PSI/3.5 GPM and a 4000 PSI/4 GPM pressure washers which are driven by the PTO of our walk-behind tractors. The smaller one operates on 8hp and up tractors, the larger on 11hp & up tractors. Standard equipment are: 50 feet of hose, 36” spray-wand, and 5 tips for a variety of applications (0, 15, 25, 40 and 65 degree spray angles). Pressure is adjustable with a screw-knob on the pump. Although the prices of these units are close to what you’d pay for a pressure washer with an engine, the clear advantage here is that by operating a washer off your walk-behind tractor, you don’t have another engine sitting around that you have to have headaches with (stale fuel, etc.).

The pressure washer REQUIRES the purchase of the BCS “Power Cradle”, which is a gearbox to increase tractor PTO speed to a speed compatible with this pump. The BCS/Wallenstein brand Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter also requires this same “Power Cradle”, so if you have the need for both of these implements, you only need to purchase ONE Power Cradle. However, our Implement Price (below) shows the pressure washers WITH THE POWER CRADLE INCLUDED… We can subtract the Power Cradle price if desired (\$299).

This implement fits BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractors (requires PTO adapter to fit Grillo).

  • 3600 PSI / 3.5 GPM model (8hp & up) Price WITH power cradle: MSRP: $1244 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $1194
  • 4000 PSI / 4 GPM model (10hp & up) Price WITH power cradle: MSRP: $1299 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $1247
  • Additional accessory required to fit BCS 660 or 750
  • Soap injector kit to fit either washer above (item # 85.400.001) MSRP: $35 $33