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Front-mount Power Barrow

When moving loads in hilly terrain, the design of this class of implement makes it the best choice, for the following reasons:

A. The configuration of having the wheels of the cart way up in the front means that roughly half the load in the cart is borne by the tractor axle, thereby increasing tractor traction and control.
B. Since these are used in the Front-PTO mode, when going uphill, the weight of the load is shifted back onto the tractor (driving) wheels, and traction and control are maximized.

2 Choices:

#1. Earth Tools PowerBarrow®

The Earth Tools PowerBarrow® combines good volume & carrying capacity, a low center of gravity, and a center-steer design with “spring-assist” for excellent control. The barrow wheels being much closer to the FRONT stretch out the wheelbase to make it easier to handle AND put a good portion of the weight of the load on the tractor drive wheels, giving them more traction (particularly going uphill.
The tough poly tray (bed) is made in Ohio and has a 10-cubic foot volume (filled “level”), and we rate this unit to haul up to 700 lbs.

The PowerBarrow® features a manual front-dumping bed with a 2-position “locking brace” that holds the bed “up” either in the fully-dumped or half-dumped position. (The half-dumped position works great while spreading compost over a bed) The bed has a self-locking latch that holds it in place when “down”.

The steel frame of the Barrow attaches to the walk-behind tractor at the PTO mount for the lowest center-of-gravity. There is a heavy-duty (1” diameter pin!) pivot joint at the junction, giving this unit a “center-steer” configuration…and the keep from “jack-knifing” when moving heavy loads, we added adjustable RETURN SPRINGS to the design, which apply pressure to “center” the pivot assembly (and bring the tractor/barrow “straight” again) – much the way your vehicle steering wheel tries to “return to center” after you go around a curve. Also, the “male” quick-couplings we offer with this tool are provided with a “slot” for the locking pin, which provides the ability for the Barrow to “float” (oscillate) up to 10 degrees, so all 4 wheel of the tractor/barrow rig stay on the ground in uneven terrain. NOTE: Color of plastic bed / tray may vary!!

Earth Tools PowerBarrow Specifications:

Load Capacity 700 lbs
Volume 10 cu ft “filled level”
Ground Clearance 8” at axle
Space between wheels 30”
Overall Dimensions 60” L / 42” W / 25” H
Bed Dimensions 44.5” L (at top of bed) / 31” long (at bottom of bed)/ 30.5” W / 11” deep
Wheels 15” tall x 6” wide, solid rubber (flat-free)

WATCH VIDEO: Earth Tools PowerBarrow in action.

Earth Tools PowerBarrow front dump cart

  • MSRP: $825 Earth Tools Sale price: $775 (color of tray/bed may vary–black or orange) Ships disassembled.
  • Fits BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractors with differential drive.
  • Requires that tractor be equipped with “Female” Quick-Coupling flange
  • Requires appropriate “blank” Quick-Coupling flange for tractor brand/model:
  • Item ET 0015: “Blank” male quick-coupling flange to fit Grillo G110 MSRP: $45 $40
  • Item ET 0020: “Blank” male quick-coupling flange to fit Grillo G85d - G107 MSRP: $45 $40
  • Item ET 0030: “Blank” male quick-coupling flange to fit current BCS 732 - 853 (requires extra accessory to fit BCS 660 or 750) MSRP: $50 $48

#2. CAEB “Minicargo”

This extremely well-built unit is manufactured by the same company that produces our Haybaler. The deluxe model of the “push” type haulage tools, this implement actually has a STEERING SYSTEM built into the front wheels, with a control lever that comes back over the tractor, so the operator can control the unit precisely no matter what the terrain. The front wheels are 16” tall x 4” wide, and they are equipped with a super-positive drum-type parking brake for reliable stopping & safety on steep slopes.

This model is not cheap, but I can say that every customer that has purchased one of these from us (typically for very steep terrain) LOVES it. It is designed to plug into the female Quick-Coupling of current BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractors…we will supply the correct “male” quick-coupling with the cart for the appropriate tractor model. 10 cubic foot capacity (heaped); 1000 lb. weight capacity.

NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: To save our customers money and to reduce the chances of damage in transit (fully assembled, they are so large, they would cost considerably more to ship), this model is shipped not-quite-fully assembled …the steering control bar needs to be installed (2 bolts).


Load Capacity 1000 lbs
Volume 10 cu ft “filled level”
Ground Clearance 6”
Space between wheels 28.5”
Overall Dimensions 52” L / 37.5” W / 30” H
Bed Dimensions 46” L (at top of bed) / 17” long (at bottom of bed)/ 25.5” W / 16” deep
Wheels 16” tall x 3.5” wide pneumatic

CAEB Minicargo front dump cart w/ brakes

  • MSRP: $1899 Earth Tools Sale price: $1709
  • Fits BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractors with differential drive.
  • Requires “blank” male quick-coupling for appropriate tractor brand/model (prices range from $40 to $45)
  • Requires that tractor be equipped with “Female” Quick-Coupling flange
  • Additional accessories needed to fit some tractor models (BCS 660, 750, 948; Grillo G131)