Scoop-Bucket (and BuckRake)

Dumping Utility Trailers

For hauling loads around your property, one of these utility trailers will utilize the motive power you have available from your walk-behind tractor. As a “towed” trailer, you have the option of riding on the seat provided, or you can walk if the terrain is too rough (off-setting the tractor handlebars to one side so you can walk safely next to the trailer, or even reversing the tractor handlebars and using the tractor to “push” the trailer). The utility trailer option is good for slopes up to around 20% (wheel weights can be added to the tractor to augment traction if needed)…for steeper conditions, check out our Power Barrow implements. 2 Trailer options, to better fit your budget:

Option #1: American-Made 12 cubic foot: We modify this Ohio-made cart to fit a walk-behind tractor by lengthening the tongue, installing a tow coupler hitch to match the tractor being used, fitting a bench seat to the front of the cart and fitting a foot-rest to the tongue. Works great, and this is our best selling cart. No brakes on this trailer, but if tractor is equipped with brakes, you have some ‘stopping power’. Specifications: 39” W x 48” L x 13.75” deep, POLY body (pictured) with steel frame, 16” tall x 6” wide tires, overall wheel width 46”, 34” inside tire width, weight capacity 1000 lbs. (including rider), so it hauls everything, including the kitchen sink (ha ha…see top picture). Swivel dump feature allows it to dump to either side, within a 100 degree radius. Raised axle frame gives this cart a 12” ground clearance in the center.

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The above carts are supplied with a Wooden bench seat (a pressure-treated 2x8, cut the width of the cart) to be affixed over the very front of the bed. While you can slide some stuff (firewood, gravel, compost, etc.) UNDER the seat, taller items will not slide all the way to front of trailer, so you may sacrifice a bit of capacity with this design, depending on what you’re hauling. Tow coupling included with trailers. Shipped disassembled.

Option #2: Ravenna Italian-made 16 cubic foot dumping cart WITH BRAKES with a padded seat in front of the bed AND equipped with brakes (foot and parking), this is our “deluxe” trailer option, and best for hillier terrain because of the extra braking ability. This model can be attached with tiller mounted (as shown); solid tow coupling (which is included with trailer) holds tiller off the ground while the

trailer is attached (tiller depth-bar has to be ALL THE WAY DOWN to accommodate the trailer tongue over it). Specifications: Bed dimensions: Outside: 45.5” wide, 61” long. Inside: 42.5” wide x 58.5” long; 10.5” deep. Wheel width: Outside: 46”. Inside: 29”. Ground clearance: 7”. With the large bed this trailer has, it will hold quite a bit of volume when “heaped” with lighter material like mulch, etc. Weight capacity 1100 lbs.(including rider). Dumps to rear. Wheels are Hi-floatation 18” tall x 8.5” wide. Stake pockets at corners, if you want to make taller sides. Rear gate folds down, and easily slides off hinges if desired. Shipped disassembled. (Note: This is the same utility trailer BCS America shows on their website (not sure why BCS shows a lesser weight capacity…the manufacturer rates it to haul 500KG, which is 1100 lbs.). We buy it directly from the trailer manufacturer BCS buys it from, so we sell it for less…and, we INCLUDE the tow coupler!)

Video: Mounting Utility Trailer to Walk-behind tractor


*Ohio Steel / Earth Tools 12 cubic foot dump cart, INCLUDING tow coupler to connect to tractor *

  • MSRP: $495 $450
  • Item 4048-B-700 fits BCS 718 - 739
  • Item 4048-B-800 fits BCS 749 - 948
  • Item 4048-G85 fits Grillo G85 - G110
  • Item 4048-G131 fits Grillo G131

Ravenna brand 16 cubic foot dump cart with brakes, INCLUDING tow coupler to connect to tractor (SAME as BCS-brand trailer with brakes)

  • MSRP: $1300 $1100
  • Item MT500-B-700 fits BCS 718 - 739
  • Item MT500-B-800 fits BCS 749 - 948
  • Item MT500-G85 fits Grillo G85 - G110
  • Item MT500-G131 fits Grillo G131