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Molon Hayrake/Tedder

Haymaking Implements - Overview

The maneuverability, compact size, ability to safely work on steep slopes (up to 45° [100%]) and relative low price (when compared with four-wheel tractor haying equipment) make this small scale WALK-BEHIND haying equipment very attractive to small farmers, especially in rough terrain or small field sizes where full size equipment is impractical. Also popular in the South for raking and baling pine straw. Built to agricultural standards of quality, this equipment will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Typically, walk-behind haying equipment is practical on applications up to about 15 acres, although we do have a few customers doing close to 20 acres if the property is simply too steep to do with any other type of equipment.

The typical components for a Haymaking operation are: 1. A Mower to cut the hay; typically a Cutter (sickle) Bar or Disc mower. We carry both of these types of mowers for our walk-behind tractors, and they are listed in our Mowing Implements section. 2. After the hay dries properly, a HAYRAKE is used to rake the hay into ‘windrows’, which allow more efficient gathering (by hand, or using our Hay-Baler). 3. A Hay-Baler, if your acreage being harvested warrants the investment. – As an additional option, a bale wrapper can be fitted to the walking tractor, which allows green hay to be converted into “haylage” (silage) bales.

Due to financial constraints (or just too small an acreage to justify it), some of our customers ‘loose-stack’ their hay rather than use the Baler. Even so, the Hayrake/tedder unit is an incredible labor-saver, and should still be considered for small hay areas even if the Baler is not. SEE THE PAGES SPECIFIC TO EACH IMPLEMENT TYPE FOR PRICES AND MORE INFO.