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Lawn & Leaf Blower

Another Earth Tools “First”!! By popular demand, we got the Caravaggi company of Italy to produce a Lawn & Leaf blower to fit our walk-behind tractors…so yet another outdoor chore can be performed by the same engine & powertrain. PLUS, this blower has the advantage of being “self-propelled”, unlike most blowers on the market!

A unique feature of this blower is that the air output chute is instantly adjustable (with one locking-screw) within a 200-degree rotation (MORE than 180 degrees). Plus, the “louver” at the end of the chute adjusts up or down to direct the air where it has the most effective angle for your application. The blower is carried in the front by a 3” wide, 10” tall solid-rubber swivel-caster wheel which is quickly adjustable in height by a locking L-bolt.

This is a commercial-quality unit, with a steel housing and fan (no cheap plastic parts to break). This blower delivers up to 1300 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air at 175 MPH. Power transfer from the input shaft to the fan is provided by a constant-tension V-belt, which can be easily tightened or replaced as needed (it is a common size available at any auto-parts or lawn & garden store). The blower is also equipped with a “freewheel” feature so that when the tractor wheels are disengaged, the “momentum” of the fan will not continue to back-drive the PTO and consequently continue to drive the tractor wheels. (this feature also means that on Grillo brand tractors, the blower will not “blow” when the tractor is in reverse.)

There is no other self-propelled lawn & leaf blower on the market for less than \$1500, so if you already own a walk-behind tractor, this is a real deal!! Plus, you will have multiple speeds forward and reverse…other self-propelled blowers typically have ONE speed forward and NO reverse.

Recommended to fit BCS or Grillo tractors 8hp and larger.

Click here for a video showing features / action

Click here for a video showing blower in action on leaves

Lawn / Leaf Blower

  • Item CAR-BLOWER-B: Fits BCS 8hp & up, also fits Grillo G131 with adapters: MSRP: $1199 Earth Tools Sale Price $1050
  • Item CAR-BLOWER-G: Fits Grillo G85 through G110: MSRP: $1199 Earth Tools Sale Price $1050