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Leaf Blower

42 inch Pull-Type Core / Plug Aerator

This unit is made in Ohio, and was originally designed to be towed behind a lawn tractor or ATV. We have adapted it to tow behind a walk-behind tractor (pictured with Grillo model G110). It features a patented pivoting, spring-assist design on the 32 “spikes”, which allow them to enter the ground at a better angle and discharge the plugs more effectively.

Working width is 42”; Maximum coring depth 2.5”. The tray on top is made to accept cement blocks (as in pictures), for increased penetration in harder soils…these blocks do not come with it!! Also keep in mind that the soil must have adequate moisture in it for the spikes to be able to penetrate.

There is a lever on each side which raises the wheels up (for aerating) or down (which holds the “spikes” out of the ground, for transport). This adjustment takes a few seconds on each side.

Recommended to fit BCS models 749, 750, 852 or 853, or Grillo model G110 Walk-behind tractor; Tow coupler to attach the aerator to specific tractor make/model must be purchased separately (see below). Wheel weights recommended for extra tractor traction as well.

Click here for a short video of this Aerator in action

42” Core / Plug Aerator

  • Fits BCS 749, 750, 852 and 853, or Grillo model G110 walk-behind tractors
  • Item ET AER 42: MSRP: $420 $380
  • Tow coupler to fit aerator to BCS 749, 750, 852 or 853: 922.47720 $67 $64
  • Tow coupler to fit aerator to Grillo G110: 9F4212 $67 $64
  • Wheel weights recommended for extra tractor traction