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Adjustable-Frame Cultivator
Root Digger Plow

Aldo Biagioli Moldboard Plows

The design of this tool is hundreds of years old, but it is still in widespread use today, especially on 4-wheel tractors. While other primary tillage methods may be faster and more effective, the moldboard is still an inexpensive way to do first-time soil breaking. Two 1-bottom designs available for walk-behind tractors: Standard (below on left–rolls soil to right) and Swivel (below on right–Reversible frame with 2 plowshares: one rolls to right, the other to left). Swivel version a must for any work on a gradient (slope); it allows the operator to always flip the soil “uphill” regardless of tractor direction across slope. Both available in two sizes. ALL MOLDBOARD PLOWS REQUIRE AT LEAST 150 LBS OF WHEEL WEIGHTS (and may require larger tires or steel wheels) TO BE EFFECTIVE. Recommended for tractors with differential drive only. Expected working depth on a moldboard plow behind a walk-behind tractor is 6 to 8” deep maximum, depending on soil type/conditions and tractor traction augmentation (wheel size, how much wheel weight you have added to the tractor, if you are using rubber or steel wheels, etc.)

THIS TOOL REQUIRES THE DRAWBAR AND TOOL CARRIER SHOWN BELOW!! Angle of frame relative to tractor adjusted by T-handle crank on Tool Carrier…this allows “attack” angle of the tool to be adjusted. (NOTE: If purchasing multiple implements made by Aldo Biagioli, ONLY ONE Tool Carrier and Drawbar need to be purchased! Tool carrier and Drawbar change quickly from implement to implement with just one pin.)

Drawbar (Left) and AT-30-ET Tool Carrier (Right)
with hookup hardware

Small Moldboard Plow (Cuts 8” wide)

  • Fits BCS 722 - 948, Grillo G85 - G131
  • Wheel weights required, 150 lbs. or more
  • Minimum wheel size required: 5x10x20” (or larger)
  • Standard Version (MD-06): MSRP: $230 $210
  • Swivel Version (V180-06): MSRP: $360 $340

Large Moldboard Plow (Cuts 9” wide)

  • Fits Grillo G110 - G131; BCS 749 - 948
  • Wheel weights required, 150 lbs. or more
  • Minimum wheel size required: 5x12x22” (or larger)
  • Standard Version (MD-05): MSRP: $250 $230
  • Swivel Version (V180-05): MSRP: $390 $365

Drawbars for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • BP-80 Fits BCS or Grillo bolt-on PTO MSRP: $50 $45
  • BP-80-QH Fits Quick-coupling PTO (specify tractor brand & model) MSRP: $65 $60

Tool carrier for Aldo Biagioli Plows

  • AT-30 (fits Aldo Biagioli Moldbaord Plows): MSRP: $95 $90