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Earth Tools Adjustable-Frame Cultivator

Adjustable-Frame Cultivator
(Shown with 4 shanks & 4" V-sweeps)

Designed and constructed right here in Kentucky! This shank-type cultivator system offers the ultimate in quick adjustment and versatility. Overall frame width is incrementally adjusted by a screw-crank on the rear of the frame. There are NINE different shank positions on each side of the frame. Measuring the OUTERMOST shank positions, total shank-to-shank outside width as much as 33”, and as little as 20.5”. At the INNERMOST shank positions, the measurement range is 7.5” to 20”. Total outside width adjusts to a minimum of 22.5” to get into tight spaces. Can be outfitted with anywhere from 1 to 7 shanks (sold separately).

Minimum outside total width 22.5 inches

Opened up to full width

The REALLY cool thing about this cultivator (unlike the Aldo Biagioli adjustable-frame cultivator we offer) is that it is designed to automatically adjust the angle of the shanks as you adjust the width of the frame, so that the shanks are always facing “forward” (assuming you installed them straight “forward” in their sockets in the first place!). AND: The Gauge-wheel brackets can be moved to trail behind ANY SHANK on the adjustable “arms”…and these brackets tie into the same orientation system, so the gauge wheels are also always “straight” regardless of where you adjust the cultivator width. The standard plastic gauge wheels can also be upgraded to our “Disk-type” gauge wheels for precise tracking…see price list at bottom.

Gauge-wheel brackets are movable
to any position you have a shank

The angle that the tools meet the soil is controlled by the T-handled-crank on the top for fine adjustment. Penetration depth into the soil is controlled both by this angle adjustment and the adjustable gauge wheels that are included.

Quick screw-crank for attack angle adjustment

"Center" shank mounted in main frame

Screw-crank for width adjustment on rear of frame

The shanks will accept a variety of chisels or V-sweeps to fit your weeding application / row spacing…you just have to make sure your rows are evenly spaced to start with! Several rows of crops can be cultivated between simultaneously, as the tractor can straddle 6” – 8” tall plants (with tall enough tires). The tractors can be outfitted with axle extensions to completely straddle up to a 30” wide bed (if straddling raised beds, keep in mind that with the tractor wheels down in the “pathways”, this will reduce the height of the plant you can straddle by whatever your bed height is)

THIS IMPLEMENT MAY REQUIRE WHEEL WEIGHTS ON TRACTOR, depending on soil conditions and desired working depth. 5x12x22” minimum wheel size recommended.

This implement is sold “a la carte”: You buy the frame (which comes with standard plastic gauge wheels), and then add whatever shanks / tools you want…See list below.

Click here for a video showing features of this cultivator in action, and complete assembly instructions

ET-3501 Adjustable-Frame Cultivator FRAME (does not include shanks or tools)

  • Fits BCS 739, 749, 750, 852, 853 or Grillo G85d (10hp), G107, G110, G131
  • No shanks or tools included (see below for options)
  • Tractor front-weights may be needed for proper counter-balance when used with lighter engines (10hp or smaller)
  • Wheel weights may be required (for deep cultivation)
  • Minimum recommended tractor wheel size 5x12x22”
  • Requires extra accessory to fit BCS 750
  • MSRP: $780 ET sale price: $700

Tools, Shanks & Accessories for above frame

  • Shank for above cultivator (frame accepts up to 7) (ET 3508): MSRP: $24 $21
  • 1.75” Single-sided Chisel for cultivators (EUR 550060) MSRP: $5 $4
  • 2” Reversible chisel for cultivators (VOET5): MSRP: $10 $9
  • 4” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550027): MSRP: $7 $6
  • 6.25” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550028): MSRP: $8 $7
  • 7” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550017): MSRP: $8.50 $7.50
  • 8” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550151): MSRP: $9 $8
  • 10.25” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550152): MSRP: $10 $9
  • UPGRADE to “Disk-type” gauge wheels, for precise tracking (ET 3524): MSRP: $150 $120
  • “Blank” male quick-coupling WITH SWIVEL to attach to BCS 739, 749, 852 & 853 tractors outfitted with quick-coupling system (ET 0061): MSRP: $85 $75
  • “Blank” male quick-coupling WITH SWIVEL to attach to Grillo G107 tractors outfitted with quick-coupling system (ET 0063): MSRP: $85 $75
  • “Blank” male quick-coupling WITH SWIVEL to attach to Grillo G110 tractor (ET 0062): MSRP: $85 $75
  • “Swivel” assembly to fit cultivator to BCS 750 or Grillo G131 (NOTE: also requires BCS 922.C0058 “female” QH to fit BCS 750) (ET 0064): MSRP: $85 $75
  • “Riser plate” to allow taller then 4” raised beds to be straddled with cultivator (provided the the tractor can straddle the bed!) (ET 0170): MSRP: $45 $40
  • Category 1, 3-point hitch adapter frame (allows this tool to be attached to a small 4-wheel tractor with category 1 3-point hitch mount (ET 1006): MSRP: $160 $150