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Adjustable-Frame Cultivator

Aldo Biagioli Tool Bar / Cultivators

ET-5 with tool carrier & drawbar

Constructed by Aldo Biagioli of Italy, these universal tools are available in 4 configurations and feature clamp-on shanks with standard reversible 1½” wide chisels. The working angle of the tool is controlled by the adjustment on the Tool Carrier (see below), and the overall penetration depth is controlled both by this angle adjustment AND the TWO removable/adjustable caster wheels that all of this brand of cultivators come with (other cultivators on the market have only a SINGLE depth wheel, which is problematic: With only one depth wheel, when one of the tractor wheels goes over a hump or into a depression, the shanks on one side of the cultivator lean to one side and “dig in” more, causing the tractor to veer in that direction).

Also, the Aldo Biagioli design allows the standard 2” wide chisels to be easily removed with a single bolt, and the curved OR straight shanks will accept “V-sweeps”, which, when the angle of the tool carrier is adjusted so that the sweeps lay “flat” on the ground, are great for weed control, slicing just below the surface. These sweeps are available from us, or at most Farm Supply stores. Outfitted correctly (and with exact row spacing!), several rows of crops can be cultivated between simultaneously, as the tractor can straddle 6” – 7” tall plants (with tall enough tires).

Various V-sweep sizes for the Aldo Cultivators

Aldo Tool Bar with Shank-Mount Furrowers installed

The completely modular design of the Aldo Biagioli cultivators allow the clamps and shanks to be adjusted side-to-side or up-and-down on the frame. Shanks can also be removed, or, if you want to add more, shanks and clamps are available separately. Frame can be adjusted to free float (oscillate) or can be locked with plane of the tractor axle. Straight-bar styles (ET-3, 5 and 6) can have shank-mount Furrowers attached to the frame instead of shanks; and ALL styles accept Disk Hillers as well (see Double Ridger/Bedshaper tab above). Drawbar (shown below) attaches to tractor at PTO mounting, for a solid and sturdy mount, with an easily-adjustable amount of “swing” in the hitch for “steerability”. (Other brands of cultivators on the market attach at the tractor “tow hitch” mounting, which, in our testing, has proven to be a poor place to mount such an implement, as it is very hard to control the “side-swing” of the tool… the “limiter” bolts supplied on the tow-hitch type of tool carrier simply have very little surface to brace against, and they deform easily. We have chosen NOT to carry these other brands, due to this problem.)

NEW! “Hoss” Tool Adapters

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Hoss Tool Adapter kit with 6" Stirrup hoe

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Hoss Tool Adapter "shank" and Wheel hoe

We now offer an adaption system that allows you to attach the popular “Hoss” brand Wheel-hoe tools to our cultivators. It consists of 2 parts: A “shank” with brackets to attach to a Hoss Wheel-Hoe frame, and the [green] wheel-hoe frame itself…We sell these as a “kit” (1 shank & 1 frame). Once you have this kit, ANY of the Hoss tools that will mount to a Hoss Wheel Hoe will mount up. Since it utilizes an actual Wheel Hoe frame, you can take advantage of the same versatility that you would have on a Hoss Wheel Hoe…for example: Mounting both right and left hilling plows (or cultivation sweeps) on the same frame. You can fit as many of the kits on a tool bar as the bar width allows. (Scroll down to see prices)

See our Garden tool section for a list of the various tools that Hoss offers.

FOR MOST EFFECTIVE USE, THIS IMPLEMENT TYPE MAY REQUIRE WHEEL WEIGHTS ON TRACTOR. 4 x 10 x 18” minimum wheel size recommended; larger wheels better!

Click here for a video on a cultivator in action

THIS TOOL REQUIRES THE DRAWBAR AND TOOL CARRIER SHOWN BELOW!! Angle of frame relative to tractor adjusted by T-handle crank on Tool Carrier…this allows “attack” angle of the tool to be adjusted. (NOTE: If purchasing multiple implements made by Aldo Biagioli, ONLY ONE Tool Carrier and Drawbar need to be purchased! Tool carrier and Drawbar change quickly from implement to implement with just one pin.)

Drawbar (Left) and AT-30-ET Tool Carrier (Right)
with hookup hardware

ET-3 21” wide, fixed frame cultivator/tool bar

  • Fits BCS 712 - 853, Grillo G85 - 110
  • 2 curved shanks, 1 straight shank
  • 75 lbs
  • Wheel weights may be required
  • Minimum recommended tractor tire size 5x10x20” (larger OK)
  • MSRP: $195 $175

ET-5 34” wide, fixed frame cultivator/tool bar

  • Fits BCS 732 - 948, Grillo G85d - G131
  • 3 curved shanks, 2 straight shanks
  • 90 lbs
  • Wheel weights may be required
  • Minimum recommended tractor tire size 5x10x20” (larger OK)
  • MSRP: $270 $255

ET-6 39” wide, fixed frame cultivator/tool bar

  • Fits BCS 749 - 948, Grillo G110 - 131
  • 3 curved shanks, 3 straight shanks
  • 103 lbs
  • Wheel weights may be required
  • Minimum recommended tractor tire size 5x10x20” (larger OK)
  • MSRP: $334 $315

ETR-5 12-25” wide, adjustable frame cultivator/tool bar

  • Fits BCS 732 - 948, Grillo G85d - G131
  • 5 straight shanks
  • 10hp and up gas, 8hp and up diesel
  • 95 lbs
  • Wheel weights may be required
  • Minimum recommended tractor tire size 5x10x20” (larger OK)
  • MSRP: $324 $310

Drawbars for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • BP-80 Fits BCS or Grillo bolt-on PTO MSRP: $40 $35
  • BP-80-QH Fits Quick-coupling PTO (specify tractor brand & model) MSRP: $60 $55

Tool carrier for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • AT-30-ET (fits Cultivators, Potato plow, Bedshaper, Subsoiler): MSRP: $85 $80
  • ET 1006 Category 1, 3-point hitch adapter frame (allows Aldo Biagioli tools to be attached to a small 4-wheel tractor with category 1 3-point hitch mount–Requires “bolt-on” drawbar above): MSRP: $160 $150

Extra Shanks, V-Sweeps, Chisels

  • 1.375” Reversible chisel for all shanks (AB 030-DS1): MSRP: $8 $6
  • 2” Reversible chisel for all shanks (EUR 550060): MSRP: $9 $7
  • 4” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550027): MSRP: $7 $6
  • 6.25” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550028): MSRP: $8 $7
  • 7” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550017): MSRP: $8.50 $7.50
  • 8” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550151): MSRP: $9 $8
  • 10.25” V-sweep for cultivators (EUR 550152): MSRP: $10 $9
  • Extra shank, curved (AB ACET5): MSRP: $22 $20
  • Extra shank, straight (AB ADET5): MSRP: $18 $16
  • Extra clamp - ET & ETR (AB STET5): MSRP: $18 $16
  • Hoss Adapter Kit (1) to accept Hoss Wheel Hoe tools (ET Hoss Adapter Kit): $53 $46

Disk Hillers, Shank-Mount Furrowers & Clamps (individually)

  • AS 33132 Shank-mount disk hiller MSRP: $70 $65
  • AB STD Clamp required for disk hiller, with bolt MSRP: $55 $20
  • AB SSOL Shank-Mount Furrower MSRP: $70 $65
  • AB STET-18 Clamp required for Shank-Mount Furrower, with bolt MSRP: $35 $20