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Aldo Biagioli Spike Tooth Harrow

28" Spike Tooth Harrow

Another tool from Aldo Biagioli of Italy, this spike-tooth harrow is 28” wide, and tines can be removed individually if narrower tillage width is required (the frame remains the full width, however). The teeth are staggered from each other so that the 12 teeth all contact the soil in different spots to give full-width coverage. This is a great low-tech tool for roughing up the soil for light weeding, incorporating cover crops, crust-busting, etc. Tines are angled back slightly top-to-bottom so that organic material will not catch on the tines as badly. Tines are about 5 inches long.

Side view of Spike Tooth Harrow showing angled tines

THIS IMPLEMENT MAY REQUIRE WHEEL WEIGHTS ON TRACTOR, particularly on smaller/lighter walking tractors. 5 x 10 x 20” minimum wheel size recommended.

THIS TOOL REQUIRES THE DRAWBAR AND TOOL CARRIER SHOWN BELOW!! Angle of frame relative to tractor adjusted by T-handle crank on Tool Carrier…this allows “attack” angle of the tool to be adjusted. (NOTE: If purchasing multiple implements made by Aldo Biagioli, ONLY ONE Tool Carrier and Drawbar need to be purchased! Tool carrier and Drawbar change quickly from implement to implement with just one pin.)

Drawbar (Left) and AT-30-ET Tool Carrier (Right)
with hookup hardware

Tool Carrier & Drawbar Assembly Instructions

EP-12 28” wide Spike Tooth Harrow with 12 spikes

  • Fits BCS 732 - 853, Grillo G85d - 131
  • 94 lbs.
  • Wheel weights may be needed to add traction on lighter tractors
  • MSRP: $245 $220

Drawbars for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • BP-80 Fits BCS or Grillo bolt-on PTO MSRP: $50 $45
  • BP-80-QH Fits Quick-coupling PTO (specify tractor brand & model) MSRP: $65 $60

Tool carrier for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • AT-30-ET (fits Cultivators, Potato plow, Bedshaper, Subsoiler): MSRP: $95 $90
  • ET 1006 Category 1, 3-point hitch adapter frame (allows Aldo Biagioli tools to be attached to a small 4-wheel tractor with category 1 3-point hitch mount–Requires “bolt-on” drawbar above): MSRP: $160 $150