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Disk Harrow
Split-hood Tiller

R2 Rinaldi Stoneburier

BCS 749 with 5x12x22” wheels
and 28” Stoneburier tiller

This is essentially a super-heavy-duty counter-rotating-tine tiller (tines rotate opposite tractor wheel direction) with reverse-angle tines that interface with a set of vertical steel rods (a “grate” if you will) at the rear of the unit… essentially, the “clean dirt” is pushed through the “grate” at the rear, and any stones up to baseball-sized, roots, organic matter, etc. are pushed to the bottom of the tilth and thus “clean” soil is left on top. Depth is adjustable up to 6” deep by the mesh-roller in the rear (like the power harrows), which also completely flattens and presses the top of the bed for perfect seeding. (NOTE: VERY SMALL stones [smaller than ¾”] cannot be buried as effectively, since they will pass through the “grate”)

Useful in soil types with lots of ‘gravelly’ rocks that are too numerous to ever pick out; also popular for lawn renovations because one pass through an old lawn results in a clean, perfect seedbed with all the grass & roots buried. However, this tool is not a good choice for most market-garden applications where the same beds will be worked multiple times per year, as the action of this tool will over-pulverize the soil and can cause hardpan if used often.

This is a very heavy implement: 190 lbs. Requires a front weight on the tractor for proper balance. 28” working width. Fits BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors 12hp & up gas, 10hp & up diesel (with differential drive axle).

Click here for a short video on a Stoneburier Tiller in action.

R2 Rinaldi 28” Stoneburying Tiller

  • Item 071.700-B (Fits BCS 749 - 853, 750)
  • Item 071.700-G (Fits Grillo G110)
  • Item 071.700-G131 (Fits Grillo G131)
  • Requires front-weight mounted to tractor for proper balance
  • MSRP: $3199 $2990