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Disk Harrow

For applications like cutting up the surface of previously-worked soil (that is, soil that has already been worked that growing season) to seed a cover crop, leveling out clumps of soil, or light weed control, the old-fashioned disk harrow is a great low-cost option for gentle surface soil scarification / cultivation. Made in America and adapted to the walk-behind tractor application by us, this unit features adjustable width from 29 to 39 inches, adjustable angles on disk axles (10, 15 and 20 degrees) and eight 11 inch diameter disks. Disk axles are lubricated by grease fittings for long life. Weight tray holds two cement blocks to make the disks penetrate the soil better; heavier weight can be added if desired (such as sandbags). NOTE: This tool is NOT a “primary tillage” implement, and will not be effective at cutting up established sod or cutting into hard soils. (Disk harrows on full-sized 4-wheel tractors can achieve some primary tillage…but they weigh over 10 times more than this one!!)

Recommended for BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors 8hp & up. (Wheel weights may be required for best performance with this tool.)

Disk Harrow

  • Item ET DH
  • Fits BCS 722 - 948, Grillo G85 - G131
  • MSRP: $299 $269
  • Requires appropriate Tow Coupler to attach to specific tractor tow hitch:
  • Tow coupler 922.59500 (fits BCS 732 & 739 and older model 725, 735): $75 $71
  • Tow coupler 922.47720 (fits BCS 749, 750, 852, 853 and older models 737, 745, 945, 946, 948 and some 605): $75 $71
  • Tow coupler 9F4212 (fits Grillo G85d, G107 & G110): $75 $71
  • Tow coupler 9F4712 (fits Grillo G131): $79 $71