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Aldo Biagioli Subsoiler / Ripper

Allows you to break up hardpan, loosen compacted soil up to 11” deep and rip through sod, etc., with your walk-behind tractor. 2 depth positions. Absolutely requires wheel weightsThe more wheel weight and traction you have, the more effective this tool will be. (In testing, we achieved best results by having dual steel wheels AND wheel weights on the tractor, and we were able to rip 11 - 12” deep through sod. Our Steel Tracks would also do well with this tool…) Differential drive tractors only.

THIS TOOL REQUIRES THE DRAWBAR AND TOOL CARRIER SHOWN BELOW!! Angle of frame relative to tractor adjusted by T-handle crank on Tool Carrier…this allows “attack” angle of the tool to be adjusted. (NOTE: If purchasing multiple implements made by Aldo Biagioli, ONLY ONE Tool Carrier and Drawbar need to be purchased! Tool carrier and Drawbar change quickly from implement to implement with just one pin.)

Drawbar (Left) and AT-30-ET Tool Carrier (Right)
with hookup hardware

SD-1 Aldo Biagioli Ripper / subsoiler

  • Fits Grillo G107 - G131, BCS 749 – 948
  • Requires wheel weights
  • Requires minimum tractor wheel size of 5x10x20” (Larger is better!)
  • MSRP: $120 $105

Drawbars for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • BP-80 Fits BCS or Grillo bolt-on PTO MSRP: $40 $35
  • BP-80-QH Fits Quick-coupling PTO (specify tractor brand & model) MSRP: $60 $55

Tool carrier for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • AT-30-ET (fits Cultivators, Potato plow, Bedshaper, Subsoiler) MSRP: $85 $80
  • ET 1006 Category 1, 3-point hitch adapter frame (allows Aldo Biagioli tools to be attached to a small 4-wheel tractor with category 1 3-point hitch mount–Requires “bolt-on” drawbar above) MSRP: $160 $150