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BCS and Grillo Rear-tine Tillers

Tillers, with their horizontally-mounted shafts and vertical tilling action, are the most widespread tillage tool for small-scale farming and gardening: simple, versatile, low cost, and effective. The Grillo Company has been building rear-tine tillage equipment since the early 1950’s. Through a technology-sharing venture with BCS which lasted from roughly the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s, BCS acquired rear-tine tiller technology (the first BCS-branded tillers were produced around 1970). Both companies’ tiller implements currently feature 290 rpm tine speed (with engine at maximum rpm), hardened-steel ring and pinion gear drive and ball bearing supported shafts in an oil bath. Both units use a wedge-shaped “middlebuster” (BCS calls theirs a “Planar wedge”) which has 3 functions: 1) Depth control; 2) completely breaks out center strip of untilled soil under gearbox; 3) helps hold tractor in place in hard soils. BCS planar wedge adjusts to 4 depth positions; Grillo adjusts to 6 positions.

Grillo tillers also feature a “Helix” type spiral time pattern (with Bolo style tines) for a smoother tilling action. Both brands will leave up to 8” deep worked soil. Tillers can be used for primary cultivation but can over-pulverize the soil, resulting in degraded soil structure. Caution has to be taken not to over-till. Tillers are best used for secondary tillage, seedbed prep, mixing fertilizer and crop residues into the soil (provided they are not too long and fibrous, in which case they will tend to wrap around the tine shaft), shallow weed control and inter-season work. A Hiller/furrower accessory can be quickly attached behind all tillers to make furrows or push soil out for hilling or ridging. We also offer a depth-control wheel which allows more precise-depth shallow tillage for weed control, adjustable from 0” to 3” (See our Accessories page, Implement Accessories section for more details…also priced below) AND we now offer full-width Depth-Roller systems that not only regulate tilling depth very precisely, but also “tamp” the bed for better results with precision seeding equipment.

NEW FOR 2023: We now offer a Counter-Rotating tiller implement built by Grillo, which fits the Grillo walking tractors 11hp and up. Counter-Rotating tillers rotate the opposite direction of the tractor drive wheels, so they offer better control and faster penetration when “breaking sod” or working very hard soil.
Due to the fact that a counter-rotating tiller discharges the tilled soil to the FRONT, they can, if used in soils with a lot of fibrous organic material present, form a build-up of fibrous material in front of the tiller, possibly causing the drive wheels of the tractor to lose traction (you may have to lift the tiller up for a second or two to get past the “build-up”). If the soil is “clean” of fibrous material, the soil will “flow” out from the front of the tiller and form a small “ridge” to each side, while leaving the bed behind the tiller slightly depressed. Therefore, they are not terribly popular for all Agricultural applications (not good for seedbed prep or light weeding, for example), but they are GREAT for Landscaping / Lawn renovation projects when you need to bust up the soil fast. Standard width is 27”; tilling width is adjustable down to 22”, 19” or 15”. (NOTE: Our “TDS” roller system does NOT fit this tiller!)

Click Here for a video about a Tiller With Depth Roller System vs. Power Harrow.


BCS 18” Tiller

  • Fits 5 - 8hp BCS (BCS 710 - 722)
  • Width not adjustable
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Item 921.91215
  • MSRP: $899 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $854

BCS 20” Tiller

  • Fits 7-11hp BCS (BCS 712 8hp, 722 - 853, not 750)
  • Width adjusts to 26” (with extension kit)
  • If used with 7hp Kohler, front weight required for counterbalance
  • Weight: 83 lbs
  • Item 921.91216
  • MSRP: $999 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $949

Grillo 22” Tiller

  • Fits 7-14hp Grillo (G85 - G110) (Also fits older [pre-1994] Spline-PTO BCS tractors 8hp & up)
  • Width adjusts to 16”, 18” or 20” (also expands to 25” or 27” with extension kit [see below])
  • Weight: 83 lbs
  • Item 984511
  • MSRP: $790 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $750

BCS 26” Tiller

  • Fits BCS 732 - 853 (not 750)
  • Width adjusts to 20” (or expands to 30” with extension kit [see below])
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Item 921.91217
  • MSRP: $1149 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $1092

Grillo 27” Tiller

  • Fits Grillo G85 [9hp] - G110 (Also fits older [pre-1994] Spline-PTO BCS tractors 10hp & up)
  • Width adjusts to 16”, 18”, 20”, 25” (expands to 30” with extension kit [see below])
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Item 984611
  • MSRP: $890 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $845


  • Fits Grillo G107 - G110 (Also fits older [pre-1994] Spline-PTO BCS tractors 11hp & up)
  • Width adjusts to 15”, 19”, 22”
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Item 994511
  • MSRP: $890 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $845

Grillo 30” Tiller

  • Fits Grillo G107 - G110
  • Width adjusts to 16”, 18”, 20”, 25”, 27”
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Item 984611-E
  • MSRP: $1005 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $954

BCS 30” Tiller

  • Fits BCS 739 - 853
  • Width adjusts to 26”
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Item 921.91218
  • MSRP: $1209 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $1149

Grillo 32” Tiller

  • Fits Grillo G131 ONLY
  • Width adjusts to 20”, 24”, 28” (Expands to 36” with extension kit [see below])
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Item 989011E
  • MSRP:$1083 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $1029


  • Fits BCS 750 ONLY (or older models 745, 945, 946, 948)
  • Width adjusts to 27”, 30”
  • Tills up to 9” deep
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Requires front-weights for tractor, for proper balance
  • Item 921.C0001
  • MSRP: $2399 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $2279

Tiller Expansion Kits

  • Item TK1: Expands BCS 20” to 26”: MSRP: $175 $165
  • Item ET 2630 Expands BCS 26” tiller to 30” $130 $120
  • Item 929112: Expands Grillo 22” to 27”: MSRP: $100 $90
  • Item ET 2730: Expands Grillo 27” to 30”: MSRP: $100 $90
  • Item ET 3236: Expands Grillo 32” to 36”: MSRP: $100 $90

Tiller Depth Gauge Wheel

  • For more consistent shallow cultivation depth, 0 – 2”
  • Typically more desirable on BCS-brand tillers, as Grillo tillers have a more accurate depth control system for shallow tillage, but may be needed for Grillo in very soft soils
  • Fits BCS 18” - 30” tillers, Grillo 18” - 32” tillers
  • Item ET TLR-DPTH-WHL: MSRP: $60 $50

PDR and TDS (Precision Depth Roller and Tiller Depth System) accessories for Tillers

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