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Caravaggi Strip Tiller

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Caravaggi Strip-Tiller
on walk-behind tractor

NEW FOR 2023! Finally, the ultimate in “minimum tillage” – a Tiller that only tills a 2-inch wide strip! This implement is actually a modification to the existing “Mini-Trencher” produced by the Caravaggi company of Italy. Designed to work with “minimum tillage” systems, it tills the soil in a 2-inch wide strip, with working depth adjustable from 2.5 inches to 6 inches deep…PERFECT for direct-seeding a row of crop, OR planting transplants. Extremely well built, with a cast-iron housing enclosing hardened-steel shafts and gears supported by ball bearings, in full oil bath.

These photos and video clip show the unit working in heavy clay ground that has been SOD for over 30 years, and it worked to a 6-inch depth in one pass. So it is very effective…HOWEVER, like ANY “tiller”, one thing it CANNOT do is till in tall, fibrous material (such as standing or rolled-down cover crop)…if you try to till in material that is over about 6” long, the material WILL wrap around the tine shaft and cause damage to the gearbox. It is recommended to use a Flail Mower to shred the fibrous material / cover crop FIRST, and then the Strip-Tiller will have no trouble tilling a strip through it.

The “Strip Tiller Kit” converts the Caravaggi Mini-Trencher to a Strip Tiller by using a block-off plate to stop the normal “side discharge” of the soil, and also adding a “rear-discharge” extension and flap to let the soil out the rear. The Mini-Trencher normally has a depth adjustment that allows 4” to 6” of depth, and the kit also comes with an extension bracket that expands this range to a minimum of 2.5” depth. Depth is adjusted by removing a nut and bolt and re-positioning the “skid” on the bottom of the unit; this takes 2 - 17mm wrenches and about 1 minute. The center of the worked “strip” of soil is off-set 4” from the center-line of the tractor. The unit also comes with a “transport” wheel to hold it up off the ground during long periods of transport.

Fits BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors 11hp and up gas, 8hp and up diesel.

Click here for a short video clip of the Strip-Tiller in action.

Caravaggi Strip-Tiller (Mini-Trencher with Strip-Tiller Kit)

  • Tills 2” wide, 2.5” to 6” deep
  • Item TRENCHER-B fits BCS 11hp and up (Requires PTO adapter for older BCS tractors with spline-drive PTO) MSRP: $1599 $1440
  • Item TRENCHER-G fits Grillo 11HP & up (fits Grillo G131 w/ PTO adapter) MSRP: $1599 $1440
  • To convert to Strip-Tiller, Requires Kit item # STRIP-TIL-KIT: MSRP: $100 $85