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AXLE EXTENSIONS (sold in pairs)

Available in a variety of lengths to customize the track width of your walk-behind tractor. Sizes range from 5” to 16” total extension (2.5 to 8” per side), plus, we now offer spin-out adjustable axle extensions with an 8 inch range of adjustment, variable in 1/2” overall increments. Use these accessories to increase stability on slopes, or simply to customize the wheel track to a particular application (i.e. straddling a bed — with the 16” extensions and 10” rim [or larger] wheels, the tractor will straddle a 30” wide bed) NOTE: 20” total (10” per-side) extension is the maximum recommended by the tractor manufacturers. Adding additional extensions beyond 20” will void tractor axle warranty. NOTE: Due to the extra stress/leverage placed on the tractor axle, Axle extensions over 8” are NOT recommended to be used with high-traction-requirement implements such as Subsoilers, Moldboard plows, Root digger plows, Dozer blades, etc.)

NOTE: sizes listed are total extension (both sides combined)*

4.5” “Factory” Axle Extensions
  • Item 922.43685 (fits BCS)

  • Item 937112 (fits Grillo)

  • MSRP: $50 $47

Earth Tools Axle Extensions – various sizes
  • Fits BCS & Grillo

  • 8” axle extensions (ET0080) MSRP: $75 $65

  • 12” axle extensions (ET0090) MSRP: $85 $72

  • 16” axle extensions (ET0100) MSRP: $95 $80

NEW: “Earth Tools” Adjustable Axle Extensions – 4” to 20” of total extension - EARTH TOOLS EXCLUSIVE

FINALLY…a set of adjustable axle extensions that has the necessary adjustment range to accommodate both the use of a Rotary Plow in the “narrowest” position, and to be able to easily straddle a 30” bed in the “widest” position. Adjusts quickly with one pin on each side. 1” adjustment increments. Fits BCS 732 - 948, and will fit Grillo G85d - G110 by using a set of spacer flanges (see below). When mounted to tractor, overall width of projecting inner posts is 41”. As an additional feature, if extra weight is needed for additional traction, you can hang 2” center-hole (Olympic-style) barbell-weight plates right on the inner posts!! If you don’t have the extensions adjusted all the way out, just add the weight-plates on the protruding inner post, and put a pin in the end hole to secure them on. You can add up to 80 lbs. per wheel in this mounting position. If you DO have the extensions adjusted all the way out, the weights can be added on the posts INSIDE the wheels…just slide the wheels off the post, slide some weight-plates on, and slide the wheel back on. NOTE: In this case, it is important to keep the weights as close to the wheels as possible, to not strain the axle bearings of the tractor. So slide the weights up against the inside of the wheels, and put an extra pin in the closest hole in the inner post, to keep the weights in that position. MAXIMUM WEIGHT FOR THIS “INSIDE” TYPE OF MOUNTING: 50 LBS. PER WHEEL) NOTE: Due to the extra stress/leverage placed on the tractor axle, it is not recommended that these extensions be extended more than 4” per side [8” total] when used with high-traction-requirement implements such as Subsoilers, Moldboard plows, Root digger plows, Dozer blades, etc.)

CLICK HERE FOR a video on these new extensions

  • Earth Tools Adjustable Axle Extensions (ET0110) MSRP: $175 $160
  • Fits BCS 732 - 948 and Grillo G131 (BCS 732 requires 2 flat washers on each wheel stud, behind inner “post” mounting plate)
  • To fit Grillo G85d - G110, use spacer plates (ET0115) MSRP: $25 $20

WHEEL WEIGHTS (all units sold in PAIRS)

The pulling or pushing power of a walk-behind tractor is directly related to traction, and a major factor in traction is weight. Wheel weights are the best means of improving traction because they add weight without changing the balance of the machine (because the weight is added right at the “fulcrum” point of the tractor).

By far, our most popular and practical system for adding wheel weights is our “Barbell weight hangers”, which bolt onto the wheel-mounting studs of the tractor (the wheel does not have to be removed to install them; just the lug-nuts) and they accept standard 1” hole barbell weight plates. The weight plates themselves can be removed or installed with a single pin, and since we offer the hangers in various post lengths, you can actually get far more weight on the tractor than with the “factory” weights … 100 lbs max per wheel! The “hangers” can stay on the tractor even when the weight plates are removed…although if you have one of the longer lengths, the posts may stick out and get in the way sometimes…If so, they are easily removed. Video: Demo of these Barbell Wheel Weight Hangers

This is a sweet system, as you do not have to pay shipping charges on the weights themselves…just the mounting “hangers” (posts). You can usually find new or used 1”-center-hole barbell-weight plates in your local area (cast iron are best, to maximize available space in the wheel rims)…however, for folks who are paying freight on a tractor from us anyway and don’t mind adding a little more freight cost, we do offer the 1” hole barbell weight plates at competitive prices, and we can provide the optimum plate size combination according to your wheel size and implement application.

Barbell weight hangers & weights
  • SHORT (8”) Barbell Weight Hangers Set for BCS Item ETBWBCS-S: MSRP: $50 $45
  • LONG Barbell Weight Hangers Set for BCS (10”) Item ETBWBCS-L: MSRP: $50 $45
  • SHORT (8”) Barbell Weight Hangers Set for Grillo Item ETBWG-S: MSRP: $70 $65
  • LONG Barbell Weight Hangers Set for Grillo (10”) Item ETBWG-L: MSRP: $70 $65
  • 1” center-hole barbell weight plates (various sizes up to 25 lb. plates) MSRP: $1.25 per-pound $1.10 to \$1.20 per-pound (depending on plate size)

NOTE: Barbell weight hangers cannot be installed in conjunction with Adjustable Axle Extensions!

Also, both BCS and Grillo offer factory cast-iron weights, which are OK IF you don’t mind them being quite hard to take on and off (because the mounting nuts are recessed waaay down in blind holes) AND being horribly expensive…something like $3 per pound for Italian cast iron…

Factory cast-iron weights
  • Fits BCS 8” rims (48lbs pair) Item 922.43686: MSRP: $290 $275
  • Fits BCS 10” rims (66lbs pair) Item 922.48715: MSRP: $345 $328
  • Fits BCS 12” rims (150lbs pair) Item 922.48720: MSRP: $520 $494
  • Fits Grillo 10” rims (45lbs pair) Item 9G1212: MSRP: $185 $170
  • Fits Grillo 12” rims (80lbs pair) Item 9G2512: MSRP: $350 $290


Whether you are needing a second set of wheels to put “duals” on a tractor, a new set of wheels for an old machine, or just want a larger set of wheels for extra ground clearance and/or greater ground-speed, the following is our selection of tire sizes for our walk-behind tractors.

NOTE #1: for a nominal up-charge, most of our new tractors can be fitted with larger-than-standard wheels at the time of purchase. You pay only the difference in the relative cost of the wheels when up-sizing. Make sure you ask us about what wheel size is best for your application. ALSO: Some “larger” wheels may be TOO big for a particular tractor model, due to clearance issues…ask an Earth Tools salesperson for advice.

NOTE #2: “Adjustable track rim” wheels have a separate inner hub and outer rim, which can be assembled in anywhere from 2 to 4 different positions (depending on what the tractor will accommodate), to achieve different wheel widths. To see these measurements, go the Walk-behind tractors page and look at the specs of a tractor that has standard wheels of the size you are interested in.

NOTE #3: If you just need an individual replacement tire or tube for your old rims, these items are considered “spare parts” and we stock all sizes. We do not list these online–Call for prices.

Click here for a Wheel Spacing chart

VIDEO: How adjustable-rim wheels work

Sizes & prices

NOTE: Sizes are shown as follows: Width x Rim diameter x Overall height…so for example, a 5x10x20” wheel is 5” wide, has a 10” rim, and is 20” overall height. WHEELS ORGANIZED BELOW BY OVERALL HEIGHT, SMALLEST-TO-LARGEST

  • 4x8x16” Fixed rim, tractor lug tread (Item 900112) MSRP: $190 $140
  • 6.5x8x16” “High-Flotation” fixed rim, wide tractor lug tread (Item 912712) MSRP: $220 $200
  • 4x10x18” Fixed rim, tractor tread (Item 900312) MSRP: $210 $170
  • 4x10x18” Adjustable rim, tractor lug tread (Item 902412) MSRP: $215 $210
  • 8x10x19.5” Fixed rim, All-Terrain AG tires, lug tread (Item 922.57842) MSRP: $520 $494
  • 5x10x20” Adjustable rim, tractor lug tread (Item 900412) MSRP: $310 $280
  • 10x8x20” Fixed rim, Hi-flotation “Turf” Tires and rims (Item 918712) MSRP: $399 $360**
  • 11x8x21” Fixed rim, Hi-flotation “Balloon” Tires, tractor lug tread (Item 919212) MSRP: $399 $360**
  • 5x12x22” Adjustable rim, tractor lug tread (Item 400R.12B.500M4) MSRP: $410 $365
  • 6.5x12x23” Adjustable rim, tractor lug tread (Item 400R.12B.650M4) MSRP: $465 $415
  • 7x12x26” Adjustable rim, tractor lug tread (Item TORG 700x12) MSRP: $550 $500

** These wheels require a minimum of 4.5” axle extensions to mount to some tractors.


On replacement wheels, OR on new tractors, we now offer FOAM-FILLED tires on some of our most popular sizes. Foam-Filling means the tires are filled with Solidified rubber foam, so essentially they become solid rubber wheels once filled.

The advantages of Foam-Filling are:

  • More weight & traction
  • No tire maintenance

The potential disadvantages of foam-filling are:

  • Permanent (not removable) addition of extra weight, and the resulting higher soil compaction.
  • If using the machine on hills, the extra weight means that the tractor requires greater “stopping distance”.
  • The company we use to foam-fill the tires does not always do a “pristine” job in terms of appearance…that is, the tires / rims sometimes get spattered or dripped on with the foam-fill material (dark brown stuff). If the looks of this residue bother you, it does peel off with a bit of effort…

Consider the pros & cons carefully…(If you are unsure about this, this is an option you could always have added at a local tire shop in the future, if desired.)

Prices: (These reflect ADDITION to normal tire cost, if purchasing a new tire set)
  • 5x10x20 (adds 50 lbs. of weight per pair) : add \$110
  • 5x12x22 (adds 80 lbs. of weight per pair) : add \$130
  • 6.5x12x23 (adds 100 lbs. of weight per pair) : add \$145


These steel wheels provide extra traction for various applications. The “cage” type (with their 1” deep cleats) are best for soilworking applications; the “spiked” type provide unbeatable side-slope-holding ability for mowing on steep slopes.

  • 17” Steel Cage Wheels (Item 922.57779) MSRP: $225 $214
  • 19” Steel Cage Wheels (Item 922.42474) MSRP: $275 $261
  • 19” Steel Cage Outriggers (makes 19” steel wheels into “duals”) (ONLY applicable to tractors with differential AND steering brakes!) (Item 922.42460) MSRP: $150 $143
  • 20.5 Steel Cage Wheels (Item 927212) MSRP: $285 $260
  • 22” Steel Cage Wheels (Item 922.49993) MSRP: $330 $314
  • 19” Spiked steel wheels, 12” wide (ONLY fits tractors with differential AND steering brakes!) (Item 922.C0460) MSRP: $1200 $1140
  • 19” Spiked steel wheels, 16” wide (ONLY fits tractors with differential AND steering brakes!) (Item 922.C0465) MSRP: $1400 $1330
  • Steel Cage “Super Bite outriggers” - used alongside (outside) 5x10x20 rubber wheels for steep slopes…Mounts with rims of 5x10 wheels set in “standard width” position (ONLY fits tractors with differential AND steering brakes!) (Item 922.57793) MSRP: $395 $375


For extra traction in snow & ice, we offer tire chains with 2-link cross chain spacing for the following tire sizes (chains for 10” & 12” tires INCLUDE a set of spring-loaded tensioners):

  • 4x8x16” (Item 1301L) MSRP: $59 $49
  • 4X10X18” (Item 922.SC410) $97 $93 (this is an odd size, so it’s more cost than the larger ones!)
  • 5x10x20” (Item 53131MOD) MSRP: $95 $90
  • 5x12x22” (Item 53131) MSRP: $95 $90
  • 6.5x12x23” (Item 53131) MSRP: $95 $90

NOTE: The tire chain manufacturer sometimes gives “extra” chain…don’t know why they do this, but I guess they figure they’d rather err on the side of giving too much rather than not enough. So, if your chains seem “too long” and overlap too much when you wrap them around your wheel, feel free to just cut off the excess, by cutting one link on each side with a small bolt cutter, hacksaw or grinder. (Make sure to cut the “blank” end of the chain, not the end with the clamps on it!!)


We now offer rubber and steel Track options for our walk-behind tractors, for the ultimate in traction while maintaining a low ground-pressure to minimize compaction. The tracks we offer are built in Italy, specifically for walk-behind tractors…they are not made for some other application and just “adapted” to walk-behind tractors.

Application/Pricing information

Steel Tracks—Left in above picture/top picture on Right: Best suited for soil-working applications, such as plows, subsoilers, dozer/scraper blade (when working in dirt), root digger, etc. Can be used for mowing as well, but you will tear up some grass whenever you turn the machine, like a steel-tracked bulldozer! These are constructed of high-strength Domex 700 steel alloy, for maximum wear resistance. Tracks are 7” wide each, and total track width can be adjusted in 7 different positions ranging from 28.5 to 44” outside width. This track type reduces the speed of the tractor by about half, and increases the axle-torque by twice. MSRP: $1599 $1550

Rubber Tracks (Reduction version)—Center in above picture/middle picture on Right: This type can be used for limited soil-working applications, but is much easier on grass when mowing…not only is the rubber more forgiving (not tearing up sod), but this model features a “center roller”, which gives the bottom surface of the track a “high point” for much easier steering. Also great for gravel grading & snow removal. Tracks are 7” wide each, and total track width can be adjusted in 7 different positions ranging from 28.5 to 42” outside width. This track type also reduces the speed of the tractor by about half, and increases the axle-torque by twice. MSRP: $1499 $1450

Rubber Tracks (High-speed version)—Right in above picture/bottom picture on Right: This model only reduces ground speed by 10 to 20% (depending on standard tire size you compare it to), so you can mow at relatively high speeds while having excellent traction and low ground PSI for swampy areas, etc. Tracks are 6.25” wide each, and total track width can be adjusted in 7 different positions ranging from 27.5 to 40” outside width. MSRP: $1350 $1300

AVAILABLE TO FIT BCS MODELS 749, 750, 852 AND 853, AND GRILLO MODELS G107, G110 AND G131. (Note: available total track widths will vary from above on BCS 750 and Grillo G131)

VIDEO: Mounting Tracks on Walk-Behind tractor