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This accessory hitches to the tractor tow hitch (located just above the PTO mounting on all current models we offer) and terminates in a 1 1/8” solid steel rod protruding away from the tractor, with a hole drilled left-to-right through the rod. This is the accessory used by BCS or Grillo to hook a trailer behind the tractor: the Italian-made trailers have a tongue made out of essentially a pipe with a hole drilled through left-to-right close to the end; this tow coupler simply slides into the pipe/tongue and is locked in place by a pin slid through the holes.

The holes on the tongue are typically either oversized or “ovalized” a bit to allow the coupler to “twist” in the pipe/tongue somewhat, and provide some oscillation so that all 4 wheels of the tractor/trailer stay evenly on the ground even on uneven terrain. Note that the tow hitch/tow coupler interface is a double clevis, meaning when the two are hooked together it operates like a door hinge: pivoting side-to-side but not up and down. This is important, because with a walk-behind tractor, you only have one axle on the tractor; whatever implement is attached to the tractor provides the needed stability to keep the engine up off the ground…this double-clevis type hitch provides just this, allowing the tractor/implement to steer by pivoting on the axis of the vertical pin attaching the tow coupler to the tractor hitch, and not allowing the engine to flop down on the ground whenever the operator lets go of the handlebars!

This is why a ball-type hitch (like a truck or car has) WILL NOT work on a walk-behind tractor: There is no vertical stabilization provided by a ball-hitch. See this Video: Why a “Ball-hitch” will NOT work on a walk-behind tractor

The GOOD news is that this tow coupler will slide nicely inside of a piece of 1 ¼” steel water pipe. So, by affixing a short length of such pipe to the tongue of any implement designed for use behind a lawn & garden tractor or ATV will allow that implement to be pulled behind your walk-behind tractor. (The section of pipe can be attached to the the tongue of your implement by bolting, welding or clamping…actually we find that 1 ½” muffler pipe clamps usually work very well for attaching a length of this pipe to an implement tongue. You will have to drill one ½” hole through the pipe, for the locking-pin that will hold the tow coupler in place in the pipe). So, Lawn rollers, aerators, seeders, spreaders, carts can all be adapted…we even have two customers who adapted old horse-drawn dump-type hayrakes to be pulled by their walk-behind tractors!

4 types: so specify what tractor it needs to fit:

  • Item 922.59500: Fits BCS 718, 722, 725, 732, 735, 739 (Also fits Grillo G85d, G107 & G110 with addition of Tow Hitch/Drawbar shown below in the next entry): $95 $90: MSRP: 95 90
  • Item 922.47720: Fits BCS 737, 749, 750, 830, 850, 852, 853, 946, 948, SOME 605 (if 605 is equipped with clevis hitch) MSRP: $95 $90
  • Item 9F4712: Fits Grillo G131: MSRP: $90 $85


This accessory is required to pull a utility trailer with the Grillo models G85, G85d, G107 and G110. It will also fit any BCS tractor models that did not come equipped with a built-in tow clevis hitch from the factory: These would be the BCS models 710, 715, 716, 720 and 730 and some early 605s. It attaches to the PTO mounting, and the 922.59500 tow coupler above will hook up to it. (We also have it a configurations of the tow hitch that will insert into the current BCS and Grillo quick-couplings) This is the same item we sell as the “drawbar” for the Aldo Biagioli implements.

  • Bolt-on type mount (NO quick-coupling) (Item BP80-BOLT) MSRP: $50 $45
  • for CURRENT BCS Quick-coupling (Item BP80-BCS-Q) MSRP: $65 $60
  • for Grillo G85 - G107 Quick-coupling (Item BP80-GR-Q5) MSRP: $65 $60
  • for Grillo G110 quick-coupling: (Item BP80-GR-G110) MSRP: $65 $60


Keeps debris (such as cut grass, weed seeds, chaff, etc.) from getting sucked into the engine cooling-air system and stopping up the cylinder cooling fins. Mounts over recoil starter housing, where the cooling air is sucked into all small engines. If you have a rotary mower (lawn, flail or brush mower) on your Walk-behind tractor, the grass is cut up into small enough pieces that it can easily get sucked up into your engine cooling-air intake…and if you DON’T take the cooling shrouds off the engine 2 or 3 times a year to clean out the accumulated debris, you run the risk of overheating the engine, causing a head gasket to blow (or worse). If you have this screen, grass & debris stops at the screen. Since when you are mowing, you are directly behind the engine, you can easily reach down occasionally and brush it off with your hand…like cleaning a lint screen in a dryer.

This is one of our most important and best-selling accessories, and the crazy thing is: None of the engine manufacturers typically selling in the USA offer this type of screen for their horizontal (side) shaft engines; we purchase it from a European engine manufacturer (Lombardini) and adapt it to the engines it can be made to fit. This item is an Earth Tools Exclusive … any other dealer who offers it purchases it from us.

Click here for a video on the debris screen

  • Fits Honda GX340 & GX390 (11 & 13hp) and Yamaha MZ300, MX300, MX360 & MX400 engines (Item 6927.358H) MSRP: $85 $79
  • Fits Kohler CH440 14hp engine (Item 6927.358K) MSRP: $89 $84
  • fits 8, 11 & 12hp Kohler/Lombardini diesel engines (models KD350, 400, 420, 440) (Item 6927.358D) MSRP: $95 $89.80


When using a walk-behind tractor with a heavy rear-mount implement, extra weight can be added to the front (engine) bumper to help offset the extra weight of the heavy implement. (Examples of these implements would be Power Harrows, Tillers with “Depth-Roller” Systems attached, Spaders, Stoneburier tillers, etc.) Below are several options, based on tractor type:

1. J-Bolt kit. This is the least-cost option for BCS tractors with tubular-steel bumpers (does not work well on Grillo bumpers due to interference from the “skid” plate made into the Grillo bumpers). It allows the operator to clamp any weight/weights with at least a ½” diameter hole onto the front of the engine bumper. (The most popular weights for this are 1” center hole “barbell” weight plates, as pictured, which are available virtually anywhere.) Maximum recommended total weight is 60 lbs., can consist of anywhere from one to 4 plates of varying weights. (That is, the bolt is long enough to accommodate up to 4 plates…however, if you are just using one or two plates, and the “extra” bolt sticks out too far and gets in the way, it can be cut shorter with a hacksaw.) Comes on and off the bumper easily, with just one nut. (KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE WEIGHTS!! Weight plates available locally, new or used).

  • Item ET-J-bolt (Fits BCS Tubular bumpers) MSRP: $11 $10

For Grillo (and some BCS) tractors with DIESEL engines: the bumpers on many diesels already have a flat plate with extra mounting holes in the front, so 1” center-hole Barbell-type weight plates can be easily bolted onto them using a bolt, nut and large washers. 60 lbs. max. recommended weight on the diesel bumpers.

Highslide JS Highslide JS

J-bolt holding 2 – 25 lb. weight-plates to a BCS bumper

2. “Suitcase” style weights. This weight system fits all current BCS and Grillo tractors with tubular steel bumpers. It features J-type bolts with nuts that securely clamp the weight in place on the tubular bumper bar. Weighs 25 lbs, and the “J-bolts” are long enough to accommodate an additional 25 lb. plate, for a total weight of 50 lbs. if needed. NOTE: On BCS “PowerSafe” models (739, 749, 750, 770), the decorative blue plastic piece must be removed from the engine bumper to accommodate this type of weight. (if you are purchasing a new PowerSafe tractor from us with this type of weight, we remove the plastic piece from the bumper here to save you the trouble)

Highslide JS Highslide JS Highslide JS

Top left & right: Suitcase weight + Additional plate
held onto BCS 749 bumper by included J-bolts and nuts
Bottom: Single weight mounted to Grillo G110 bumper
(above “factory” 18-pound weight that is inculded with G110)

  • Item ET-FRTWT: Fits all BCS and Grillo walking tractors with tubular steel bumpers: MSRP: $75 $69
  • Item ET-FRTWT-ADD: Adds additional 25 lb plate to the front of the above weight: MSRP: $49 $46

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Any bumper-mounted weight system must be REMOVED if the tractor is hauled on a truck or trailer, as the “bouncing up and down” of the machine while being hauled can lead to the extra weight on the bumper actually bending the bumper mount (especially on BCS bumpers).

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: For applications that require MORE than 50 pounds of weight on the engine bumper (for example, if you are operating an R2 Power Harrow WITH the R2 Drop-Seeder attached behind it), we have found that the BCS “factory” bumpers just have a hard time with that much weight, and can experience bending or broken welds. We now offer an upgraded bumper that will handle up to 100 pounds of weight; fits BCS machines with 11hp or larger gas engines (excluding the twin-cylinder “Vanguard” engines). This bumper (manufactured by Grillo) is not only stronger than the BCS bumpers, but it provides better protection for the engine, because it has a full “skid plate” that wraps up in front of the engine so that the engine recoil starter is fully protected.

We charge $50 to “upgrade” a new BCS tractor to this bumper (in which case, we keep the BCS “original” bumper and install the stronger bumper on the new tractor…our item code for this is BCS Bumper-Upgrade), OR you can buy the stronger bumper outright for $85 (item code G 186397).

3. Factory-made Front weight kit for BCS tractor model 750. (no photo) This kit is the “factory-made” option for attaching engine-side weight to the BCS 750 tractor, it mounts to brackets already provided on the 750 on the front/top of the transmission housing, right behind the engine. It consists of 2 weights (one for each side of the tractor) totaling 76 lbs., but it is less effective than weights mounted to the engine bumper, since the bumper is further from the “fulcrum point” of the tractor (the axle). This kit is very nicely made and attaches/detaches relatively quickly with 6 bolts (provided), but it is pricey. Most folks will want to go with one of the options above, unless you just want everything “BCS original”.

  • Item 922.C0036: Fits BCS model 750: $265


Manufactured in Canada by NETT Technologies, this optional muffler system is great for folks working in greenhouses & high-tunnels who have to breathe in some of what the engine puts out (or if you just want to reduce atmospheric emissions, period!). Utilizes a tri-metalic catalyst technology to reduce Carbon Monoxide (CO) by up to 98% and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) and Hydrocarbons (HC) by up to 95%. Engineered to be as quiet as the original muffler, and also roughly the same physical size as the original.

If you purchase this option with a new tractor, we will install it for free. If you are purchasing it for installation on a tractor you already have, installation is fast & easy with just a few bolts. Currently stocked to fit Honda GX340 and GX390 engines; can be special-ordered to fit some other engines by request.

  • Manufactured by NETT Technologies
  • Item NETT CC GX3: MSRP: $519 Call for Quote


We now offer an Hour-Meter for tractors equipped with gas engines. Allows you pre-program service intervals into it for oil changes, etc. This unit also can function as a tachometer, but due to the sensitivity of the lead wire and the amount of this wire that is near metal on the tractor, the tachometer function may not be accurate. (The hour-meter function works fine, though!) Actual appearance may vary from photo…for BCS machines, we often supply a “wireless” hourmeter that is activated by engine vibration) NOTE: There are many tach/hour-meter units on the market…the ones we supply have a replaceable battery, which most do not.

  • Fits all gas engines
  • Installation labor included on new tractor
  • Item HOURMETER-GAS: MSRP: $39.95 $36


The most common problem with electric-start equipment is that when is sits around for several months, the batteries go dead (particularly on equipment with small batteries, that are only used seasonally…lawn & garden equipment, motorcycles, etc.). However, this trouble can be avoided by trickle-charging the battery during its “off” season; the continuous low charge keeps the plates in the batteries from oxidizing, and will actually increase battery life significantly. This unit will work on any 12-volt battery, and has built-in circuitry that prevents overcharging…you can hook it up, plug it into any standard 110V electrical outlet, and forget about it for months, and your battery is always ready to go when you are. This unit sells retail for $39.95, but when purchased WITH an electric-start walk-behind tractor, we offer it for $30.

  • fits all 12 volt batteries
  • Item ET BTRYCHRGR: MSRP: $39.95 $38 (or $30 with electric start tractor purchase)


For years, customers have asked us: “Do you have ramps I can use to get my walk-behind tractor in & out of my truck/van?” Well, the answer is finally YES! We now offer these American-made, steel folding ramps that are rated at 1200 lbs. load limit per pair. Contoured upper portion helps get equipment in & out of vehicle safely without the ramps wanting to fall off the tailgate.

Ramps have “punched hole” raised traction knobs so tires (and your shoes!) can get a good grip going up or down, and smaller caster-type wheels will not fall into the big “gaps” that rung-style ramps have. The folding feature allows these ramps to fit into smaller spaces for storage. Full length is 84”, folded length 63.5”. Weight: 58 lbs. for the set.

  • Folding Steel Ramps, made in Ohio
  • 1200 lb. capacity for pair
  • Manufactured by Ohio Steel
  • Item OS 10-84C: MSRP: $159 $145