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BCS 770 - 13HP
Walk-behind Tractors
BCS 660 Hydro - 16HP

BCS Model 620 walk-behind tractor

(shown with power sweeper implement)

This is one of the two tractors BCS imports to North America that are of the 600 series: These are front-PTO only machines…the Handlebars do NOT rotate to the rear–PTO mode, so it will not accept any tillage implements. Good for applications where only front-PTO implements are desired, such as cutter (sickle) bar mowers, snowblowers, power sweeper, chipper/shredder, etc.

Comparable model in Grillo brand tractor: GF4.

Price (tractor only…does not include any implement)

  • 8hp Honda gas engine, recoil start: MSRP: $3650 Earth Tools Regular Sale Price $3467 YEAR-END PROMOTIONAL PRICE UNTIL DEC 31 2020: $3285


Engine Type/HP GX240 Honda gas
Starting System Recoil
Clutch Conical, automotive type
Transmission All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath
(details here)
Steering Brakes None
Tilling speeds
(rear PTO)
Mowing speeds
(front PTO)
Fwd: 0.7, 1.6, 2.5 mph   •   Rev: 0.65, 1.5, 2.4 mph
Wheel Size 4”x10”x18” tall, adjustable rim, tractor tread, tube type
Outside wheel track (w/o accessories) 20.5 inches or 24 inches
Safety Features Operator presence control (deadman switch)
Handlebars Anti-vibrated, instantly adjustable up and down and side-to-side. All controls on handles.
PTO Type Independent, 990 RPM at max engine speed
Method of
changing implements
Two 12mm threaded studs with nuts or optional Quick Hitch
Tractor Weight
(w/o implements)
201 lbs