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Walk-behind Tractors
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BCS Model 660 Hydro walk-behind tractor

(shown with cutter bar implement and spiked wheels)

This specialized machine is part of BCS’s 600 series, which are tractors that have the handlebars permanently mounted in the Front-PTO mode…the handlebars on this unit do NOT rotate to the “rear-PTO” mode, so it will not accept any soil-working/rear-PTO implements. The 660 Hydro features a Hydrostatic-over-gear transmission for completely variable working speed from 0 to 4.5 MPH. The Hydro feature also acts to provide a “live” PTO, so the machine can be shuttled from forward to reverse without interrupting PTO power. The steering brake/clutch system is a hydraulically-assisted, oil-bath mechanism that provides the ultimate in control on steep slopes.

This tractor is equipped with a 16hp twin-cylinder Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine (most of the engineering on this engine done by Daihatsu of Japan), which has an oil pump for maximum reliability on slopes up to 30 degrees in continuous applications, 35 degrees non-continuous. Operates our entire range of front-PTO implements such as mowers, snow removal equipment, hayrake, hay-baler, front-dump carts, chippers, etc.

PRICE (tractor only…does not include any implement OR ANY WHEELS…wheels priced separately) :

  • 16hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard gas engine, recoil start: MSRP: $9500 Earth Tools Regular Sale Price $9025 CALL FOR EXTRA DISCOUNTED PRICE UNTIL AUG 31 2024**

Click here for our Tractor Accessories / Wheels page, to see wheel types & prices (scroll down)


Engine Type/HP 16hp Briggs & Stratton Twin-Cylinder gas
Starting System Recoil
Clutch “PowerSafe” Hydro-mechanical type
Transmission All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath, WITH variable-speed Hydrostatic drive to wheel axle
Steering Clutches/Brakes Hydraulically-assisted, in full oil bath with cooling system
Tilling speeds
(rear PTO)
Mowing speeds
(front PTO)
Fwd & Reverse: Low range: 0 - 3 MPH; High range: 0 - 4.5 MPH
Wheel Size Variable; Wheels sold separately (many types available)
Outside wheel track (w/o accessories) 34” to 49”, depending on wheels chosen
Safety Features PowerSafe clutch safety lever disengages drive instantly when handlebars are released
Handlebars Anti-vibrated, instantly adjustable up and down and side-to-side. All controls on handles.
PTO Type Independent, 990 RPM at max engine speed
Method of
changing implements
Built-in heavy-duty quick-coupling system specific to this tractor model (implements must be equipped with matching quick-coupling components)
Tractor Weight
(w/o implements)
369 lbs with 5x10x20” wheels

NOTE FOR HIGH-ELEVATION USE: For folks using these machines at elevations of more than 5000 feet, we offer special carburetor jets for this Briggs & Stratton brand engine to make it operate correctly at high elevations. Ask a salesperson…