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BCS 660 Hydro - 16HP
Walk-behind Tractors

Overview of BCS Tractors

The BCS company was founded near Milan, Italy in 1942 by Luigi Castoldi and two associates, Camillo Bonnetti and Severino Speroni (Castoldi is the “C” in BCS; the other two the “B” and “S”) and their first product was a motorized walk-behind sickle-bar mower.

The idea was to revolutionize small-scale hay mowing for the small mountainside farmer in Europe; the only other way to cut hay while on foot was with a scythe (great exercise, but a bit tiring on several acres) or hoofstock-powered mowing machines (which ate about as much as they mowed on small plots). The two associates thought it was too risky and bailed out of the company in the second year (so, even though the company retained the original name, they got rid of the “BS”!)…but Mr. Castoldi kept it going, and after WWII ended, government money was available to small farmers in Italy to help modernize/mechanize the small farms and get their economy moving and competitive. Sales took off, and by the 1960’s BCS had produced tens of thousands of machines. Up until the late ‘60s, BCS only produced variations of their original hay-mowing machine, with a few accessories (such as a transport cart which could be attached to the front of it, and a trailing “sulky” seat to ride)…

In 1967, a new chapter opened in the world of BCS when they began a technology-sharing venture with the GRILLO company of Cesena, Italy, who had been building walk-behind tillage equipment since 1953. The outcome was both companies offering multi-purpose all-gear-driven walk-behind tractors and a full range of soilworking, mowing, snow removal, transport and other assorted implements…every practical application was explored for these versatile two-wheel machines. The two companies collaborated until the early 1980s, and then they “broke up”…they currently operate as competitors, though each owes the other for where they are today. In the 1990s, BCS purchased two of their competitors in Italy, the Ferrari tractor company (not the same as the racecar company…Ferrari is a common name in Italy!) and the Pasquali tractor company, making BCS the largest producer of walk-behind tractors in the world.

CLICK HERE for a complete chart of all BCS walk-behind tractor models sold in North America over the last 40 years


Personal use: “Lifetime” on internal transmission components (all components that run in the oil bath of the transmission: gears, shafts, bearings & seals), 3 years on all other tractor components (except for PowerSafe hydraulic clutch, which carries a 5-year warranty) and BCS branded implements; parts and labor.

Commercial, Professional / Income-Producing use: 5 years on internal transmission components (all components that run in the oil bath of the transmission: gears, shafts, bearings & seals) and 1 year on all other tractor components and BCS branded implements; parts and labor.

Engines are covered independently by the engine manufacturers warranty (Honda, Subaru/Robin, Kohler/Lombardini, or Yanmar); Typically 3 years when used for personal use; 1 year for commercial or rental use. Warranties are to the original purchaser and are not transferrable.