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Grillo G131 - 16HP
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Grillo Model 3500 motor hoe

Starting in 2014, we introduced another Grillo product to North America…the Motor Hoe. This handy machine is essentially a professional-quality mid-tine tiller. They are commonly used in Europe for tight-quarters gardening, such as in greenhouses, in courtyards, in permanent beds, etc., and they differ in several ways from the typical front-tine tiller you would find in this country. Among these differences are:

  1. All-hardened-steel gear drive
  2. Automotive-type clutch
  3. NO belts or chains
  4. Commercial engine
  5. Far superior balance and weight distribution
  6. 2 speeds forward PLUS reverse
  7. Instantly adjustable and off-settable handlebars
  8. CAST IRON lower gearbox housing
  9. ADJUSTABLE tiller width… each “set” of tines is removable, so width can be as little as 22”

Side view 3500 in action, with optional
liftable transport wheel mounted in front

For anyone who has “beat their brains out” using a typical American front-tine tiller, using this machine is a whole new ball game; the handling of this well-engineered “mid-tine” tiller is FAR superior to any “front-tine” tiller. Applications in North America abound, from tilling inside high tunnels to tilling in close-spaced urban garden plots, from Landscaping use to Rental use. The maneuverability of this machine is amazing, as the design allows the operator to essentially turn it around within the space of its length. The 39” tilling width can be reduced to as little as 22” with just a few bolts. We feel it is a great compliment to the walk-behind tractor selection we offer… perfect for those cramped spaces that are too tight for even walk-behind tractors to be maneuvered comfortably, and built with the same “agricultural-duty” quality to last a lifetime.

Click here to watch a video of the Grillo 3500 Motor Hoe in action.

Shown with “Driving-type” transport wheels attached

At rest, note adjustable drag bar in rear


  • Grillo 3500 Motor Hoe w. GX160 5.5hp Honda engine and 39” tiller MSRP: $1749 $1660
  • Grillo 3500 Motor Hoe w. CH270 7hp Kohler engine and 39” tiller MSRP: $1699 $1610
  • Front transport wheel for transporting machine “wheelbarrow fashion” (wheel folds up when tiller in use) (Item G 9B5611) MSRP: $65 $60
  • “Driving” transport wheel Set Tall, narrow wheels that attach to outside of “disc guards” for powered transport of machine (attach/detatch with 3 wing-nuts each) (Item G 9C7522) MSRP: $79 $70
  • Hiller/Furrower (Item AB FURR 3500) MSRP: $105 $95


Engine Type/HP Honda GX160 5.5hp OR Kohler CH270 7hp commercial gas engine with cast-iron cylinder sleeve and ball-bearing-supported crankshaft
Starting System Recoil (manual)
Clutch Conical, serviceable, “Active” automotive type
Transmission All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath
(details here)
Steering Brakes None
Tine speeds 2 speeds Forward (53 RPM & 123 RPM) 1 speed Reverse (53 rpm)
Safety Features ”Active” clutch system stops machine motion instantly when handlebars are released
Handlebars Instantly adjustable up and down and side-to-side, all controls on handles
Tilling width (side disks installed) 39 inches, adjustable down to 29 inches
Tilling width (side disks removed) 33 inches, adjustable down to 22 inches
Available Accessories: Hiller/Furrower, Front liftable transport wheel, Transport wheels to bolt onto outside of disks (for powered transport over longer distances)