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Grillo G110 - 13 or 14 HP
Walk-behind Tractors
Grillo 3500 - 5HP mid-tine tiller

Grillo Model G131 walk-behind tractor

(Shown 32” tiller implement)

Our largest and heaviest duty tractor, specifically designed for heavy duty use with demanding soil-working implements…transmission and clutch on this machine are about 30% heavier-duty than on the largest model BCS imports into North America. The heavy-duty handlebars and robust transmission design make this our best tractor to run the reciprocating spader implement (NOTE: There is a “vertical shock-absorber kit” available for spader applications…ask an Earth Tools salesperson) , and it is good for any commercial application where mainly rear-PTO (soilworking) implements are used. Negatives on this model are: slightly harder maneuvering due to more weight and bulk; Limited speeds for mowing/front-PTO implements; NO quick-coupling system available for changing implements on this model; and when converting this tractor to front-PTO mode, gearshift levers must be changed (On this model, figure 10 minutes to change between Rear-PTO and Front-PTO modes…all our other models convert in a minute or two) Another potential down-side for mowing applications is that the steering-brake controls are located at the top of the handlebar column, rather than at the hand-grips like other tractor models. One unique feature is that the G131 also has a Synchronized PTO option available to operate a “driven-wheel trailer”, which turns this machine into a 4-wheel drive “truck” with a dump bed, capable of hauling 2000 pounds.

Closest comparable BCS model is 750 (formerly 948), but 750 has lighter transmission.

Click here for a video of mounting the gearshift levers to this tractor model.
Click here for a video of mounting an implement to this tractor model.

Prices (tractor only…does not include any implement)

  • 18hp Briggs Vanguard gas, electric & manual start: $5199 $4940
  • “Vertical Shock-Absorber Kit” for handlebars (recommended for reciprocating spader applications) $249 $200


Engine Type/HP 18 HP Briggs Vanguard 2-cyl gas
Starting System Electric with recoil back-up
Clutch “Active” Automotive type, flat plate, serviceable
Transmission All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath, with ‘freewheeling’ feature (for ease of moving tractor when engine not running)
(details here)
Standard, lockable
Steering Brakes Standard, controls at top of handle column
Tilling speeds
(rear PTO)
Fwd: 0.7, 1.5, 2.2, 4.4, 9.0 mph  •   Rev: 1.25, 2.5 mph
Mowing speeds
(front PTO)
Fwd: 1.25, 2.5 mph   •   Rev: 0.7, 2.2 mph
Wheel Size 6.5/8”x12”x23” tractor tread, adjustable track width, tube type. (Click here for wheel options and accessories)
Outside wheel track (w/o accessories) 26 or 32 inches (Click here for a wheel spacing chart) for a wheel spacing chart)
Safety Features “Active” clutch disengages power to tractor immediately upon releasing handlebars, Reverse Gear/PTO Lockout (to prevent tilling in reverse).
Handlebars Instantly adjustable up and down and side-to-side, completely reversible to convert to front- PTO mode (requires different gearshift levers) NOTE: There is a “vertical shock-absorber kit” available for spader applications…ask an Earth Tools salesperson.
PTO Type Independent, 1233 RPM at max engine speed, with optional Synchronized PTO kit available to power driven-wheel trailer
Method of
changing implements
Two 14mm threaded studs with nuts (No quick-coupling available)
Tractor Weight
(w/o implements)
330 lbs (add 20 lbs for electric start)

NOTE: Wheel sizes / styles on most new tractors can be changed, if desired, for the “cost difference” in the wheels…ask an Earth Tools salesperson for details.

NOTE FOR HIGH-ELEVATION USE: For folks using these machines at elevations of more than 5000 feet, we offer special carburetor jets for this Briggs & Stratton brand engine to make the engine operate correctly at high elevations. Ask a salesperson…