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Zilli Jab Vegetable Seeder

Zilli Hand-Held “Jab”-type Vegetable Seeder (Hand Seeder)

Also known as a Hand Seeder, This Italian-made jab seeder is unique on the market in that it has a decent-sized seed hopper (about a quart), and it has a mechanism that automatically advances the disk with each “jab” into the ground. It also comes with 7 seed-disks, which will accommodate seed sizes ranging from okra to lima beans. (if you attempt to plant smaller seeds than okra, it’ll just plant several seeds at once!) One of the seed disks is a “blank” (no holes), so you can drill your own “custom” size holes.

This seeder is perfect for planting through rolled-down cover-crop mulch, or even black plastic or paper mulch…also, it’s great for doing “fill-in” seeding in spots where another seeder may have jammed and missed a few feet of beans, corn, etc. Planting depth easily and infinitely adjustable from 7/8” to 2 ¾” deep. All parts (including extra “blank” seed disks, if you want to make more “custom” plates) are available if needed. NOTE: This is NOT considered a “no-till” seeder…it is not designed to punch though sod, or into hard soil.

Click here for a video showing the setup/use/features of the Zilli Jab Seeder.

CLICK HERE for a pdf Brochure on this seeder

  • Size: 31” x 7.5” x 6”
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Item HT Zilli 01 $155 $140