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BIO-80 Chipper/Shredder on Grillo tractor

These tough units are built heavier than any engine-driven unit in their class: As an implement, the BIO-80 unit weighs 135 lbs, the BIO-100 weighs 217 lbs., and the BIO-150 weighs in at 278 lbs. BCS has purchased the BIO-100 size from Caravaggi (and 2 other “knockoff” vendors) in Italy and marketed it as their own since the late 1980s. BCS chooses not to import the other chipper sizes that Caravaggi produces, but that doesn’t stop us at Earth Tools from importing all the various sizes, to meet our customers’ needs better!

All units feature Hammermill-type shredding chambers; the hammers are hardened steel and reversible. Unlike the units that BCS sells (which have square, blunt hammers), we spec all our chipper/shredders with **sharpened, serrated hammers** (they are actually heavy-duty sickle bar blades), so material put in the shredder is “chopped up” rather than “beat to pieces”. This makes the chipper/shredders we offer less prone to clogging when shredding **wet** material, since blunt hammers tend to make "pulp" out of wet material. The 80 and 150 models also have a **“quick cleanout”** feature which, in the event of a clog, allows the operator to use a lever to safely open the discharge screen on the bottom of the unit ***while the unit is running***...the clogging material is instantly discharged when the screen is opened. The lever can even be locked in a “half-open” position if conditions are such that the screen wants to clog repeatedly; the material will come out over the top of the partially-open screen without clogging, no matter how wet the material is. All units are equipped with a single hardened chipping blade mounted to the flywheel for the chipping action; this blade is removable for sharpening or replacing when worn out. The BIO-100 model has a 37 pound flywheel, and the 150 has a 42 lb. flywheel…this gives these units amazing power to handle large woody material through the Chipper (although if you’re using a minimum-size engine to run it [for example, an 8hp engine to operate a BIO-100], you will run out of power eventually and have to back off feeding it and let the engine ‘catch up’.)
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BIO-150 on BCS tractor

Essentially, while all 3 units perform both Chipping and Shredding functions, the 80 is a GREAT SHREDDER and a good chipper, the 100 is a GREAT CHIPPER and a good shredder, and the 150 is excellent at BOTH. All do the ‘other’ job well enough, but they shine in the highlighted capacities… So, choosing your model is not so much based on tractor size, but what job you will primarily be doing. For example, we have had customers who have a 14hp tractor purchase the BIO-80 chipper/shredder, because they were primarily shredding material for compost. Conversely, if your main task is wood chipping and not really much shredding, the 100 is the best economic choice… and for applications where BOTH functions are desired in equal parts (and you have the tractor HP to run it), the 150 is the unit of choice.

The discharge screen is located on the lower quarter of the shredding chamber, and the screens are available with hole sizes from 1½” down to 5/16” on some models (this small size is effective for cracking corn for feed). Changing screens is a matter of 5 to 10 minutes on all models. Each unit comes with one screen, BIO-100 also comes with “rods” to replace screen if desired (the resulting ‘slots’ allow larger openings for wet material to come out without clogging, since the BIO-100 does not have the “quick-cleanout” feature). BIO-80 has adjustable-height skid/stand for transport and to support the unit when off the tractor; larger units have adjustable-height caster wheels with legs that drop down to support the unit when detached from tractor. We also supply the BIO-100 with an extended-width axle bracket, which can be installed with 2 bolts to better stabilize chipper/shredder on slopes; caster wheels then mount to the ends of this bracket. (leaving this bracket off results in a narrower machine that will fit easily through as little as a 25” opening).

Be advised that Chipper/Shredders in general are designed for handling GREEN wood…they will also handle dry (seasoned) wood OK, but you will have to sharpen the chipper blade more frequently.

Click here for a video of the BIO-80 Chipper/Shredder in action..

Click here for a video of the BIO-100 Chipper/Shredder in action.

Click here for a video of the BIO-150 Chipper/Shredder in action.

Caravaggi BIO-80 chipper-shredder

  • Min. HP required: 5.5 hp
  • Max. chipping size: 2.5”
  • Flywheel weight: 14 lbs
  • Number of hammers: 27
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Max. chipping production: 35 cu ft/hour
  • Max. shredding production: 105 cu ft/hour
  • Implement weight may be required for proper balance on tractors with diesel engine
  • Item BIO-80-B fits BCS 710 - 853 (Additional accessory required to fit BCS 660 or 750)
  • Item BIO-80-G fits Grillo G85 - G110 (Additional accessory required to fit Grillo G110)
  • MSRP: $1599 $1450

Caravaggi BIO-100 chipper-shredder

  • Min. HP required: 10 hp (Note: BCS claims this will run with an 8hp engine, but we find that when chipping maximum-diameter limbs, the 8hp is inadequate.)
  • Max. chipping size: 3”
  • Flywheel weight: 37 lbs
  • Number of hammers: 28
  • Weight: 217 lbs
  • Max. chipping production: 70 cu ft/hour
  • Max. shredding production: 140 cu ft/hour
  • Item BIO-100-B fits BCS 722 - 948 (requires additional accessory to fit BCS 660, 750 or 948), Grillo G131 w/adapter
  • Item BIO-100-G fits Grillo G85 (9hp) through G110 (Additional accessory required to fit Grillo G110)
  • MSRP: $2449 $1950

Caravaggi BIO-150 chipper-shredder

  • Min. HP required: 13 hp gas, 11hp diesel
  • Max. chipping size: 3.5”
  • Flywheel weight: 42 lbs
  • Number of hammers: 36
  • Weight: 278 lbs
  • Max. chipping production: 105 cu ft/hour
  • Max. shredding production: 175 cu ft/hour
  • Item BIO-150-B fits BCS 749 - 948 (requires additional accessory to fit BCS 660, 750 or 948), Grillo G131 w/adapter
  • Item BIO-150-G fits Grillo G110
  • MSRP: $2699 $2400

Earth Tools now provides the BIO-100 and BIO-150 units with “high-floatation” caster wheels STANDARD EQUIPMENT (previously a $105 additional cost). These roll much better on rough & uneven ground than the old “standard” wheels. The only potential “downside” to these is that the large casters make the chipper sit “up” higher, so if your walk-behind tractor is equipped with relatively small wheels (4x10x18”or smaller), the machine may actually “lean back” toward the tractor so much that engine clearance becomes an issue. In this case, feel free to request the “standard” (5” dia., 1.25” wide) wheels on your chipper…we are happy to provide them instead.

NOTE REGARDING COLORS: While we typically try to match the colors of the Chipper/Shredders to the brand of tractors they are fitting on, we cannot always guarantee this. (For example, Caravaggi’s “standard” color is RED…so occasionally a red one comes through. Works just as well, though!)

NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: To save our customers money AND to reduce the chances of freight damage, these units are shipped dis-assembled (fully assembled, they are so large, they would cost considerably more to ship!) Assembly instructions included.