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Caravaggi BIO-90 Brush Chipper

Caravaggi TRX50 High-speed Brush Chipper

NEW IN 2019!! Due to the popularity of the BIO-90 High-Speed Brush Chipper for larger walk-behind tractors, Caravaggi has now introduced a smaller model for mid-size walking tractors…the TRX50. This model is designed to work on walking tractors with 8hp to 10hp engines.

Like the BIO-90, the steep input chute angle plus the aggressive 2-blade design on the chipper flywheel makes it virtually self-feeding. You just put the stuff in the hopper and pretty much let go! And not only does the TRX50 have a “high” discharge port that will discharge chipped material into a wheelbarrow, wagon, truck bed, etc. (like the BIO-90), this model has the additional feature of a discharge chute that ROTATES about 250 degrees, to let you direct the output exactly where you want it! The end louver of the discharge chute is adjustable up & down to control the angle of discharge in a 75 degree range or so. This unit has a chipping output that is roughly twice as fast as the chipping output of our BIO-80 chipper/shredder.

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Output chute quickly rotates to direct
chipped material where you want it!

Another improvement over the BIO-90 is that this model WILL handle material with quite a bit more moisture in it…not as wet as what a true chipper/shredder will, but definitely wetter than what the BIO-90 will. In fact, if you watch the video below, in the last segment of the video, we run several dozen green cornstalks through it, and it NEVER CLOGS ONCE!

While the Chipper/Shredders we carry are more versatile in terms of the material types they will handle, there is certainly an application for this implement because of its speed, and its ability to “shoot” the chipped material into a truck, wheelbarrow, canvas sack you tie onto the discharge, etc.

One important thing to keep in mind on this unit is that is does not have a exact physical limitation on the size of material you put in the hopper (the chipper/shredder combo units have a design that simply won’t let you put anything “too large” through their chipper input chutes, because it won’t fit through the feed hole at the base of the chute). The hopper on this machine is about 6 inches across at its smallest point! Therefore, you COULD drop a 4 or 5 inch diameter branch in the hopper, and the result would be the chipper will instantly stall. (In order to protect the walk-behind tractor gearing & clutch from incidents like this, the chipper is equipped with a drive belt, which will slip when the chipper is stalled.)

So, it must be kept in mind that 1.5 inches is the MAXIMUM diameter of branch this chipper will accept, and if the chipper is repeatedly stalled, the drive belt will quickly fail from overheating. (It is a standard size belt, and should the need arise to replace it, it can be obtained from any auto parts or lawn & garden store.)

Be advised that Chippers in general are designed for handling GREEN wood…they will also handle dry (seasoned) wood OK, but you will have to sharpen the chipper blades more frequently.

Click Here for a video of the TRX50 chipper

NOTE REGARDING COLORS: While we typically try to match the colors of the Chipper/Shredders to the brand of tractors they are fitting on, we cannot always guarantee this. (For example, Caravaggi’s “standard” color is RED…so occasionally a red one comes through. Works just as well, though!)

NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: To save our customers money AND to reduce the chances of shipping damage, these units are shipped not-quite-fully assembled (fully assembled, it is so large, it would cost considerably more to ship).

Caravaggi TRX50 High-speed Brush Chipper

  • Shipped disassembled
  • Max woody material chipping diameter: 1.5”
  • Item BIO-TRX50-B fits BCS machines 8hp to 10hp (may require PTO adapter for older BCS machines)
  • Item BIO-TRX50-G fits Grillo machines 8hp to 10hp
  • MSRP: $1599 $1450