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Molon Hayrake/Tedder
CAEB Round Hay Baler


Another Earth Tools-designed implement, as a result of popular demand! Buck-Rakes have been used for years on larger tractors in Europe (and some in this country) for gathering loose hay in a field. One United-Kingdom-based company (Tracmaster) produces them to fit walk-behind tractors…so we figured we could do it too!

There is a handle that extends back over the tractor, and this serves 2 functions: it allows for instant “attack-angle” adjustments with a lever-operated release system, and it also allows the operator to “lean” into the lever a bit to keep the rake tines firmly on the ground when operating on bumpy terrain (otherwise, you’d have to pull UP on the tractor handlebars to keep the rake tines pressed down…that will wear you out FAST!). Our Buck-Rake also features 30” long steel tines that are individually replaceable in just a few seconds, in case you should bend one badly enough to need replacement.

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Rake "canted" forward

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Rake "canted" backward

If your tractor uses a Quick-Coupling to change implements, we offer “blank” male couplings (that do not have a PTO shaft in them, since this is a non-PTO-driven implement)…upon installing, this “blank” “male” coupling can be oriented 2 ways: With either a “slot” or a “hole” UP for the locking-pin of the quick-coupling…this allows the rake to either have some rotational “float” (slot) OR be “rigid” (hole) with the body of the tractor.
This implement ships by motor-truck freight; assembly required.

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Buck-Rake in action --leaning a bit on top handle
helps keep tines firmly on ground in bumpy terrain.

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Less than one hour's work

Click here to view a video of this implement IN ACTION

Earth Tools “Buck-Rake”

  • Item ET BUCK-RAKE: 42” wide, with 8 - 30” long steel tines - MSRP: $1099 $975
  • Fits BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractors with differential axle; Minimum recommended wheel size 4x10x18”
  • Will require “blank” Male quick-coupling if tractor equipped with quick-coupling system (item numbers vary according to tractor type): $42 to $50
  • (NOTE: Requires additional accessories to fit BCS 660, 750, 948 or Grillo G131)