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CAEB Bale Wrapper

CAEB Round Hay Baler

Built well enough for everyday agricultural use, this mini-baler produces a 40 to 60 pound (depending on moisture of hay and how tight you roll it) bale measuring 21” x 23”, every 60 seconds. Bales are formed by a series of chain-driven aluminum rollers around the circumference of the bale chamber - - no belts or bands to dry-rot or need adjustment. The drive chains are much heavier-duty than you would think necessary, no more power than these little tractors have… but that’s a good representation of how the CAEB company over-builds this thing.

There is even an automatic oiling system for the drive chains. The Baler forms “soft-core” bales which allows some circulation of air through the bale center while the outside of the bale is rolled tight to shed moisture if left outside. Bales are wrapped with a self-sticking UV resistant nylon net-wrap.

The number of bales you can make on one roll of net-wrap varies according to the “lap” setting you choose on the Baler: The most common is the “2.5 lap” setting, which will do about 325 – 350 bales per roll and results in a nice, durable bale… but, if you’re not handling the bales much and really want to conserve the netting, the “1.5 lap” setting will get you about 500 bales per roll. The 3.5 lap setting consumes more netting, and would only be used for wrapping very “crumbly” materials like grass clippings or leaves.

An indicator on the side of the machine tells the operator when the bale is fully formed, at which point the operator pulls a single lever which trips the net-wrapping, wrap cutting and chamber opening cycle. The operator then sets the bale out of the chamber, closes the chamber, and resumes baling. As with the hayrake/tedder, the front wheels steer to guide the machine with a steering rod that comes out to the operator. This baler will bale hay, leaves, and even pine needles as long as the material is dry (green hay can be made into silage using the CAEB Bale Wrapper). Baler comes with one roll of net-wrap, bale counter, automatic chain oiler, parking brake and male a quick-coupling built into the PTO hookup flange. Requires tractor be equipped with female quick-coupling. (NOTE: All balers are tested here at Earth Tools before we ship them, to make sure they are working properly…we put ONE BALE through them. So, if you see a bit of hay on your new baler, this is why!)

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The CAEB baler works well on pine straw (needles)
as well. [Older "red" baler pictured]

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An afternoon's work

Click here for a video of basic use & features of the CAEB baler on walking tractor

Click here to view a video of a baler in action at Earth Tools - 4 bales in just over 3 minutes!

Click here to view video of CAEB baler in action in the mountains of Italy

Click here to view video of CAEB haybaler net-wrap installation

Options include: Gathering wheels (increase pickup width from 28” to 38”); and dual front tires (recommended for slopes over 35 degrees, or in boggy terrain).

Fits BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractors 10hp & up gas, 8hp & up diesel.

NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: To save our customers money and to reduce the chances of damage in transit (fully assembled, they are so large, they would cost considerably more to ship), these units are shipped not-quite-fully assembled …the steering control bar needs to be installed (2 bolts) and the height-adjustment-lever support bar needs to be installed (2 bolts).

NOW AVAILABLE: CAEB Balers to fit behind 4-wheel tractors!!

We have gotten several requests over the years to offer the balers CAEB makes to operate with larger equipment (4-wheel tractors, etc.)…so we now offer these options! See below for prices & features

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CAEB "TPL" baler to pull behind tractor with 540 RPM
PTO shaft and hydraulic hookup

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CAEB “TML” baler with on-board 13hp Honda engine
for pulling behind ATVs, garden tractors, etc.

CAEB Round Hay Baler for Walk-Behind Tractor (stocked at Earth Tools)

  • Item 200.00.000-B (fits BCS 739 - 948) MSRP: $10995 $9500
  • (Requires additional accessories to fit BCS 660, 750, 948 or Grillo G131)
  • Item 200.00.000-G (fits Grillo G85d [10hp] - G107) MSRP: $10995 $9500
  • Item 200.00.000-G110 (fits Grillo G110) MSRP: $10995 $9500
  • Gathering wheels for baler (Item GATHWH) MSRP: $550 $495
  • Dual wheels for baler (Item DUALWH) MSRP: $399 $350
  • Extra Rolls of net wrap for baler (Item ET NETWRAP) MSRP: $90 $79 Each

CAEB Round Hay Baler “TPL” Model to pull behind 4-wheel tractor (may have to be special-ordered)

  • Requires tractor have at least 15hp at PTO
  • Requires 540 RPM PTO and at least single-action hydraulic hookup on tractor
  • Requires that tractor be equipped with “upper” drawbar (where 3-point hitch top-link would normally be…ABOVE the PTO shaft)
  • MSRP: $13,500 $11,500
  • Gathering wheels for baler (Item GATHWH) MSRP: $550 $495
  • Extra Rolls of net wrap for baler (Item ET NETWRAP) MSRP: $90 $79 Each

CAEB Round Hay Baler “TML” Model with On-Board Honda 13hp engine – to pull behind ATV, UTV, Garden tractor, truck, etc. (may have to be special-ordered)

  • Requires a ball-hitch on whatever is pulling the baler
  • MSRP: $15,500 $13,500
  • Gathering wheels for baler (Item GATHWH) MSRP: $550 $495
  • Extra Rolls of net wrap for baler (Item ET NETWRAP) MSRP: $90 $79 Each