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Gramegna Reciprocating Spader

We now offer a reciprocating (true) spader for walk-behind tractors from the Gramegna company in Italy. They offer 2 sizes: 22” and 26”, but since the 22” is too narrow to cover the wheel track width on most of our tractor models, we only stock the 26” Model. Reciprocating spaders have cam-lever driven spades which thrust into the ground at about a 45 ° angle and then “kick” the soil up against the underside of the hood to break it up. The spading action results in minimal inversion of soil layers and no measurable hardpan formation. Maximum working depth 8” (with multiple passes).

Spaders have gotten a lot of “press” as great primary tillage tools on 4-wheel tractors (where a depth of up to 14” can be achieved) because of the high tractor-to-implement mass ratio. On walk-behind tractors, operation is more of a challenge, as the thrusting action of the spades makes the relatively light walk-behind tractor shake…in hard soils, it can be like running a jack-hammer. This vertical thrust also is demanding of the tractor’s PTO coupling flange. For these reasons, we only offer the spader for the two largest walk-behind tractors we carry: the BCS 750 and the Grillo G131. Of the two, the G131 is better suited for the spader because of its heavier frame and the spring-shock handlebar mounting system, which is designed to absorb vertical shock (the BCS handle anti-vibe system is designed mainly to absorb horizontal vibration, such as a sickle bar). Even though these are the smallest spaders available, they still weigh close to 200 pounds, so a front-weight on the tractor engine will be needed for proper balance.

Spader can be supplied to fit BCS 750 or Grillo G131 (Can also be supplied to fit older BCS machines with heavy-duty PTO-mounts, such as BCS 745, 755, 945, 946 & 948).

Click Here for a video of the Gramegna spader in action (video supplied by the Gramegna factory in Italy)

Gramegna Reciprocating Spader

  • Item VM12-65-B (Fits BCS 750, 948)
  • Item VM12-65-G (Fits Grillo G131)
  • Front-weight required on tractor for proper balance
  • MSRP: $3099 $2500