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Drop Seeder/Spreader

BCS / Earth & Turf Compost Spreader

This implement, manufactured by Earth & Turf company from PA and sold through the BCS America dealer network, is a great option for reducing the labor needed to spread compost on your garden beds! This spreader features a 30” spreading width, galvanized side-panels and a heavy-duty rubber conveyor belt. The unit has 6-inch ground clearance and the distance between the spreader wheels is 36”, so it can effectively straddle raised beds if they are not built too high (5” - 6” maximum bed height).
The conveyor/agitator is driven by the wheels of the spreader via a roller chain, and the output “gate” in the front (yes, this spreader drops the material at the FRONT) is adjustable in 13 settings ranging from 1/8” to 1” thick material coverage. There is also a control on the spreader to disengage the drive wheels from the agitator/conveyor, so it won’t continue to spread while transporting the machine. This spreader works well with thoroughly-composted material (including composted animal manure), but if the material is not well-composted and still contains too much fibrous stuff (OR is too wet), performance will be compromised.

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Expanded-Capacity kit installed

The standard volume capacity of this unit from BCS is 6.5 cubic feet. We (Earth Tools) are offering an “Expanded Capacity” kit which almost DOUBLES the capacity to 11 cubic feet. (We see online that on “test” units, some folks have also added a “seat” of sorts up on top…in our opinion, if a buyer wants to do this, that is their prerogative, but this is not a modification we will be offering from Earth Tools, due to liability issues.)

This spreader will fit BCS and Grillo brand walk-behind tractors with differential-drive axle and minimum of 5x10x20” wheels (wheel weights on the tractor may be required for extra traction in some conditions). Note: If you want the tractor wheels to “straddle” your beds, the tractor will need to be equipped with axle extensions of the appropriate length (see our Accessories Page for a list of axle extensions).

The TOW COUPLER accessory is required to connect the spreader to the walk-behind tractor…see below for a list of tow couplers and the tractors they fit.

BCS / Earth & Turf Compost/Manure Spreader

  • Requires minimum 5x10x20” wheel size on tractor (larger wheels OK too)
  • Fits BCS 732 - 948, Grillo G85d - G131 with appropriate tow coupler below
  • Item 921.065PT: MSRP: $2799 Earth Tools Regular Sale price: $2659 CALL FOR EXTRA DISCOUNTED PRICE UNTIL DEC 31 2023**
  • Earth Tools-produced Expanded Capacity kit made with pressure-treated lumber, to increase total capacity to 11 cubic feet: Item ET EC: $70
  • BCS-produced Expanded Capacity kit made of metal, to increase total capacity to 11 cubic feet: Item 922.65LMS: $369 $350
  • Requires appropriate Tow Coupler to attach to tractor tow hitch:
  • Tow coupler 922.59500 (fits BCS 732 & 739 and older model 735): $95 $90
  • Tow coupler 922.47720 (fits BCS 749, 750, 852, 853 and older models 737, 745, 945, 946, 948 and some 605): $95 $90
  • Tow coupler 9F4212 (fits Grillo G85d, G107 & G110): $90 $85
  • Tow coupler 9F4712 (fits Grillo G131): $90 $85