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R2 Rinaldi Drop Seeder / Spreader

Typical of all the tools we carry from R2 Rinaldi, this is a very well-built implement. This seeder / spreader is designed for seeding lawns, cover-crop, or other full-width dense seeding operations OR it can be used as a drop-spreader of granulated fertilizer or similar material. It features an expanded-mesh roller in the rear, which helps press the seed / fertilizer into the soil a bit and also drives the agitator shaft in the hopper via a no-slippage roller chain.

Drop orifices (holes) are fully adjustable in size (via a sliding shutter design) to accommodate a wide variety of seed/material sizes…we tested it with Buckwheat, which is a fairly irregular shape seed, and it performed extremely well. The hole “shutter” also closes quickly to allow transport of the machine without dropping material. It even has an adjustable full-width brush running over the top of the mesh-roller to keep it clean of dirt (which would then pick up seed).

Standard Drop hole plate makes seed “rows” about 1.25” apart, and we also offer optional drop-hole plates that make the “rows” further apart: 2.5” or 5”, if less dense plantings are desired.

Seeders are available in 29” or 39” widths. Fits all BCS & Grillo walk-behind tractors 8hp (or more) and with 4x10x18” (or larger) wheels and with differential drive. 30” size also available to fit behind the R2 30” power harrow. NOTE: when used in conjunction with the harrow, additional front-weight will have to be attached to the engine bumper, as the seeder and harrow combined add a LOT of weight to the rear of the machine. See our Tractor Accessories page for weights.

(Note: attaching this seeder to some tractor models may require removal of the tractor PTO shift lever, which comes off with one cotter pin…since this is not a PTO-driven implement, the lever is not needed for this implement anyway)

Click Here for a VERY SHORT video showing the orifice-adjustment of this drop seeder

R2 Rinaldi 30” Drop Spreader / Seeder to fit R2 Rinaldi 30” power harrow

  • Engine weight required for proper tractor balance
  • Hopper capacity 37 Liters (1.3 cubic feet)
  • Item 036.750-H: MSRP: $1749 $1590

Additional items required to make ABOVE seeder fit DIRECTLY to walk-behind tractor

  • Item 036.200 Linkage bar: MSRP: $110 $100
  • You will need ONE of the below flanges:
  • Item 021.018 Mounting Flange to fit BCS [2-bolt] or Grillo [G85-107] “bolt-on” PTO: MSRP: $150 $145
  • Item 021.019 Mounting Flange with current BCS “Male” Quick-Coupling: MSRP: $150 $145
  • Item 021.041 Mounting Flange with Grillo G131 “bolt-on” PTO: MSRP: $150 $145
  • Item 021.044 Mounting Flange with Grillo G85 - G107 “Male” Quick-Coupling: MSRP: $150 $145
  • Item 021.066 Mounting Flange with Grillo G110 “Male” Quick-Coupling: MSRP: $150 $145

R2 Rinaldi 39” Drop Spreader / Seeder to fit directly to walk-behind tractor (REQUIRES Mounting Flange listed above for your specific tractor/hookup type)

  • Engine weight required for proper tractor balance
  • Hopper capacity 57 Liters (2 cubic feet)
  • Item 036.1000: MSRP: $1899 Earth Tools Regular Sale Price: $1750 LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE: $1600
  • Requires mounting flange (as shown above for 30” model) for specific tractor / hookup type