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Precision Vegetable Seeder

Earth Tools/Hoss Multi-row Vegetable Seeders

This system is based on the American-made Hoss “deluxe” seeders, which feature a large steel drive wheel and “disc”-style openers – great for not plugging up when there is some fibrous organic matter (cover crop, vegetable residue) present in the tilled soil (yes, the soil must be worked before using this type of seeder…this is NOT a “no-till” seeder!). While not quite as precise as the Korean Jang seeders, these are MUCH more adaptable to a full range of seed sizes, and MUCH more affordable. NOTE: This type of seeder is NOT considered a “seed drill”. It is designed to plant seeds into worked soil.

We have designed this system to be fully “modular”: you buy the frame, and you buy the seeders separately, as many as you want (up to 5 will fit on the frame). Minimum row spacing is 7”…if working on 30” beds, you can just barely squeeze 5 rows on a 30” wide bed. (Yes, 7 x 5 is 35…but you have a row at “0”, so it’s actually a total spread of 28”) The actual frame is 40” wide, which allows you to get the outside rows up to 34” apart if desired. The frame design allows some side-to-side “float” to accommodate slight turns (course corrections, planting on a contour, etc.). If planting multiple rows on a bed, you can make the tractor wheels “straddle” the bed by outfitting the walk-behind tractor with axle extensions (Shown on our Accessories page).

The seed-singulation mechanism is a rotating “plate” or “disk” that is positively driven by a roller chain attached to the rear wheel. Typical accuracy rate is around 70%, but varies depending on seed… this type of seeder will have a higher accuracy rate for large seeds (80 - 90%) vs. small seeds (40 - 60%). The seeder units can slide around easily in the frame to change row spacing. Seeder units can also be removed quickly if a less dense planting is desired. The frame is fully adjustable up & down to match the tire size of the tractor, and for proper seed depth. There are also individual depth adjustments on each seeder unit. FOR BEST RESULTS, MUST NOT EXCEED 1.5 MPH! (This means 1st or 2nd gear in these walk-behind tractors, and only partial engine throttle speed if working in 2nd gear!) MOVING TOO FAST WITH THIS SEEDER WILL RESULT IN JAMMING / BREAKING OF SEED.

Highslide JS

Exclusive Earth Tools design adjusts height of entire frame
with a precision screw-crank

These seeders each come with 6 “standard” seed plates, and Hoss offers 4 other “standard” plates at just $6 each (we stock all sizes, see below). Best of all, they offer “Blank” plates for $6 each, and a $15 “template” you can use with a drill to create a plethora of plates for any seed spacing or size. (Sorry, in our video, we mention the prices as $5 and $12 for the plates and template…Hoss had a price increase!)

Each seeder unit comes with the following “standard” seed plates (any of which can be ordered individually if you need replacements eventually):

  • HT WH 1001 – broccoli, cabbage, turnips, mustard and other fine seeds (8 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • HT WH 1002 – onion, small coated seeds (6 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • HT WH 1003 – okra, pelleted: carrots, lettuce, chard and beets (6 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • HT WH 1004 – small sweet corn, popcorn (4 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • HT WH 1005 – small peas and beans (6 holes, 1/4” thick)
  • HT WH 1006 – medium beans, peas, large sweet corn, field corn (4 holes, 1/4” thick)

The seeder works with bare or “pelleted” seed, but for SMALLER seeds, it definitely works MORE ACCURATELY when seeds are pelleted. Seed plates can be changed in seconds by removing a single wing-nut…once this nut is removed, the seed “hoppers” lift right off, so unused seeds can be poured out. NOTE: Hoss does actually recommend using these seeders with the rubber hopper-lids REMOVED, so you can see if there are any issues with seed flow.


For best results with this seeder (or any other multi-row seeder), the bed should be prepared with either a power harrow (which comes with a press-roller in the rear already) OR a tiller equipped with a roller to press the bed out firm and flat. Trying to use multi-row seeders on beds that are not level or too “fluffy” can be frustrating, because the individual seeders will “skip” if a rear seeder-drive-wheel comes off the ground because it hit a “low” spot compared to the seeders next to it. HOWEVER, WE DO OFFER SOMETHING TO HELP WITH THIS: We have introduced rubber “treads” that can be added to the seeder drive wheels to give them better traction in soft / not-so-level soils. (Frankly, the “tread kit” is RECOMMENDED anytime you are operating 3 or more row-units on the frame) (See below for pricing info)

Click Here for a video of this new seeder

Earth Tools Multi-Row vegetable seeder FRAME (Requires Seeder unit/s below)

  • Fits BCS or Grillo 8hp and up (We recommend tractors with more horsepower and longer handlebars for comfortable operation)
  • Item ET Seeder-Frame: MSRP: $395 $350
  • Requires “slotted” quick-coupling “blank” for appropriate tractor type ($42 - $49–ask an Earth Tools salesperson)
  • Requires extra accessory/s to fit BCS 750 or Grillo G131

Earth Tools/Hoss Seeder Units (Requires above Frame)

  • Fits above Frame, up to 5 on frame (on tractors less than 11hp, maximum of 3 seeders recommended)
  • Each seeder comes with 6 seed plates
  • Item ET Seeder-Multi-Row. MSRP: $379 $350 (per unit)

Extra Seed Plates / Accessories

  • HT WH 1007 – radish, leek, asparagus, spinach (6 holes, 3/32” thick) MSRP: $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1008 – cucumber, watermelon (2 holes, 3/32” thick) MSRP: $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1009 – butterbeans, lima beans (2 holes, 3/16” thick) MSRP: $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1010 – squash, pumpkin (1 hole, 3/16” thick) MSRP: $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1090 “Blank” plate, 3/32” thick: MSRP: $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1188 “Blank” plate, 3/16” thick: MSRP: $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1250 “Blank” plate, ¼” thick: MSRP: $6.99 $6.00
  • HT WH 1024 Metal “Template” for drilling properly-spaced holes in blank seed plates: MSRP: $16 $15.00
  • NOTE: Seed spacing is determined by dividing 19” by the number of holes in the plate
  • HT WH HGS031 Row marker; marks in 3” increments up to 34” from original row. $30.00
  • ET Seeder-Tread-Kit - Rubber “tread” kit for drive wheel of Hoss garden seeder - RECOMMENDED WHEN USING MORE THAN 2 SEEDER-UNITS ON FRAME (or when used on “rougher” beds) : MSRP: $20 $16.00 (PER SEEDER)