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Jang Multi-row Precision Vegetable Seeders

The Korean-made JANG JP series seeders are widely recognized by small-scale market gardeners as “the best bang for the buck” in precision seeders for small seeds. The most popular & versatile configuration is just the JP-1 single-row hand-pushed unit (which we do not sell, but plenty of places online do…they cost about \$400, plus seed “rollers”), BUT, if you have an application where you have enough closely-spaced multi-row plantings, we offer the “multi-row” versions of the JANG JP type seeders, specially adapted by us to pull behind our walk-behind tractors.

The seed-singulation mechanism is a rotating “roller” that is positively driven by a roller chain attached to the front wheels. Typical accuracy rate is around 90%. The seeder units can slide around easily in the frame to change row spacing, and the minimum distance between rows can be as little as 3 inches. Seeder units can also be removed quickly if a less dense planting is desired; also a handy feature for dumping out excess seed at the end of a planting.

JANG offers about 40 different seed-rollers for different seed types, and the seeders also come with 3 different size drive sprockets to vary the drop ratios. Seeders do NOT come with any seed-rollers; rollers should be ordered directly through the Mechanical Transplanter company [the importer of the JANG seeders] NOTE: this link also shows all the Jang seeders…but if you order a seeder directly from them, it will NOT fit our walk-behind tractors! We custom-fit the Jang seeders to fit BCS and Grillo machines, and the prices below include this adaption.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our customers report to us that while the JANG JP seeders are very good for small-seeded crops such as carrots, lettuce, beets, brassicas, radishes, salad mixes, etc., they are NOT very good for larger seeds such as corn, beans, squash, etc….even though they offer “rollers” to supposedly handle these larger seeds, the larger seeds apparently jam too much. JANG does offer specific seeders for larger seeds: The TD series and JPH series…but those larger JANG units are quite expensive, and the fact is that other brands of seeders (HOSS, for example) do a good job with large seeds, and at a much lower cost.

These multi-row JANG JP seeders are not terribly popular sellers for us, due to the high cost… so they are SPECIAL-ORDER ONLY. Once ordered from us, it typically takes 2 – 3 weeks for us to get the seeder and modify the frame to fit our walking tractors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The walk behind seeders are meant to be used AT WALKING SPEEDS. Maximum recommended speed is 1.7 mph. (this will be no more than 2nd gear, ½ to ¾ engine throttle speed on our walk-behind tractor) Best performance will be between 1.3 to 1.5mph. Going too fast on either the walk behind or the tractor mounted will actually throw the seed out of the seed roller or it won’t pick it up at all, causing skips and misses in your spacing.

JANG/Earth Tools Precision 3-row vegetable seeder with 12” wide frame

JANG/Earth Tools Precision 6-row vegetable seeder with 24” wide frame

JANG/Earth Tools Precision 6-row vegetable seeder with 36” wide frame

Seeder-unit removal

  • Credit for removing one seeder-unit from any of the above Jang seeders
  • Item JANG-REMOVE: -$190 per unit removed